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This Mom's Badly Out of Touch

By Rebecca on June 11, 2012

I think I can safely refer to ages 27 to 33 as my own personal current-event dark ages. Every so often I find myself looking at the actual “News” section of a newspaper and puzzling over India's economic decline and the upcoming elections in some tentative new democracy for one, maximum two, minutes before my [...]

Bad Moms Have Active Kids

By Angella on June 7, 2012

buy cheap glasses online trading academy Our very own Emma wrote a post over at titled 'Canadian Kids get an F in Activity.' The title alone grabbed my attention, and the content and related links did too. She said that the schools are failing at doing DPA (Daily Physical Activity). She also said this: [...]

Bad Moms Sleep Badly

By Rebecca on June 4, 2012

So here I am, a mother of three and both a producer and consumer of vast amounts of parenting literature, and I still find myself googling things like, “at what age will baby sleep through the night.” I'm pretty sure my recent search queries read something like this: buy glasses online cheap online trading academy [...]

Bad Moms Find Joy In YouTube Videos

By Angella on May 31, 2012

If you read my personal site at all, then you know that we are dealing with some Crazy, with a side dish of Batshit Insane. I really don't want to write about it here, or anywhere anymore. It has consumed our lives for the last week and a half and he can sit in his [...]

Date Night, Shmate Night

By Karen on May 29, 2012
From The Graphics Fairy LLC

“What do you want to do?” buy eye glasses online online trading academy video “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” “I dunno.” “Movie?” “Too late.” “Gym?” {shoots daggers} “Bike ride?” “Not in the mood.” “Dinner?” “Ok.” “What should we eat?” “I dunno.” “Thai?” “No.” “Sushi?” “Nah.” “Burgers?” And so it goes, week [...]

The Summer Slide: Do Bad Moms Care?

By Rebecca on May 28, 2012

The summer slide — it sounds way more fun than it is. That's just because the first thing I think of is a Slip 'N Slide. Of course, I don't really have any childhood memories of an actual Slip 'N Slide. What I do remember is a birthday party with some garbage bags taped together [...]

Bad Moms Schedule Birth Inductions

By Angella on May 24, 2012

A few months ago I shared the story of how (I was judged by a home-birth proponent, and) I am a fan of giving birth in the hospital. I wrote about the birth in full detail, but here's a clip that will set the stage for what I'm going to write about. And push I [...]

What Do Bad Moms Name Their Babies?

By Emma on May 23, 2012

When I was pregnant 12 years ago, my husband had a whole list of names that he loved. I had none. (This continues in our history of role reversal, see: cleaning) But I did know what I didn't like. online trading academy radio And I didn't like Jacob (too popular), Olivia (too popular) or Isabella. [...]

Down With Team Snacks

By Rebecca on May 21, 2012

Yeah, you heard me. I'm coming down against team snacks. I'm coming down hard. online trading academy franchise First of all, when did this start? I can guarantee that my parents weren't scrambling to pull together any team snacks during my childhood. This is something our generation came up with, isn't it? No doubt it's [...]

Bad Moms Have Celebrity Crushes

By Angella on May 17, 2012

My husband has jetted off to Calgary for yet another conference, and what better way to fill the void of his absence than by writing about my celebrity crushes? None. It's either this, or diving face-first into a bag of Doritos (Sweet Chili heat is my flavour of choice). This option is ZERO calories. Win! [...]

Bad Press? Time's Breastfeeding Cover

By Rebecca on May 14, 2012
time cover

I think I am the only person who is not shocked, horrified and otherwise offended by some aspect of the Time magazine cover. You know the one. If you're not put off by the image of a preschooler breastfeeding, then you're upset by the way the picture was staged. And if you don't blame the [...]

Bad Moms Rely On Their Village To Help Raise Their Children

By Angella on May 10, 2012

Seven summers ago, we had a house fire. It was … well, it was horrible. It could have been so much worse than it was, but we all made it out safely and (bonus that I didn't care about at all once we were outside and alive), we only lost one rocking chair and a [...]

More Than Bad, Car Seats Are The Worst

By Rebecca on May 7, 2012
car seats

There is nothing more important than the safety of our children, but omfg, car seats are THE WORST. Maybe I'm only saying this because I spent over five hours wrestling with car seats today, but that doesn't make it less true. I spent FIVE HOURS wrestling with car seats in one day. It doesn't get [...]

Bad Moms Don't Force Their Kids To Learn Things

By Angella on May 4, 2012

I have three children, two boys and a girl, ages nine, seven, and five. My seven-year-old son has been popping wheelies on his bike since he was three (He's our Sporto), and my five-year-old daughter mastered the bicycle last year, when she was four. No wheelies, but she can bike without falling. My nine-year-old son [...]

Bad Moms Push Big Kids In Strollers

By Rebecca on April 30, 2012

When my oldest kid turned four years old I packed away the stroller. Well, I put away the sit and stand-type stroller and moved his toddler sister into a Maclaren, anyway.  At the same time, we moved around the corner, just a couple blocks further away from everything. It doesn't take too many foot-dragging, 45-minute [...]