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    My Million Dollar Baseball Secret 

    I have been playing baseball for a long time. Today I want to share with you a secret to baseball that I have not shared with anyone before. This one secret has helped me tremendously on the pitch, and its implementation is so easy and fast you will kick yourself (with a bat?) for not trying it before. With this secret, you can become an overall better player and exceed your own expectations.

    downloadI was one of the youngest players on my team, and as it may be to the experience of many, I was looked down upon and not taken very seriously. Quite normal when you are young and on a team. But the reality was not far from the truth. In addition to being young, there were guys who were much better than me. They were faster, stronger, more experienced and even perhaps more gifted players that I will ever be.

    At that time, I was simply a groundball hitter. I’d get on base with line drives every now and then. But the biggest thing that I learned, and I am grateful that this happened to me, is that I never gave up. Yes, it’s that simple. Now, many of you will start calling me “Captain Obvious” at this point, but there is more than visceral truth in never giving up. It’s the key to success and becoming the best baseball player you can possibly be. (As an added bonus, it also applies to anything else in life).

    Most people I know, certainly those on my team never decided to be a good baseball player. That is why, in retrospect, they were not! To be a good baseball player, you need to decide RIGHT NOW that you need to become one. Baseball is mostly a game played in the head. Once you have the self-confidence of a rock star, you will embody and personalize that frame of mind on the pitch. When your mind is without a doubt that you are a very good baseball player, there is nothing to hinder your body. Your body will follow your mindset. You will find that your muscle memory also starts to improve and your swings become more and more confident, powerful and consistent.

    Ask any professional baseball player around, and self-confidence is the #1 factor they will add to the beginning of the baseball equation. A right mindset is more invaluable that even long and tiresome hours of practice. You can practice all you want, but without the right mindset, it will all go down the drain as practice is only one part of a more complex mix. So, saddle the winner mindset today (that’s right now), let it sooth in deep under your skin, and you will find that your game quickly starts to be driven not by experience or practice but by confidence as well.

    360_todd_mcfarlane_0808Far too many baseball players think that by simply practicing their swing, they will automatically become good baseball players. They cannot be further from the truth. Everything starts with the mindset – it dictates everything, including your failure.
    To dominate the pitch, many subtle things are required. If you are training someone young, starting with T-Balling, then you also need to add a self-confident mindset to the fray. Those issues are explored openly in the baseball training courses on maryland fall baseball league. You might want to check them out as they will help you up your game by quite a bit.

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    How To Protect Your Android Device 

    A recent survey shows that Android is used by 1.5 billion people. This is a big number for an operating system. Its popularity unfortunately also attracts a specific set of people. Indeed, hackers have started giving a special attention to the Android pool. Security companies like Kaspersky and Bitdefender are seeing an all time rise on hacking attempts and smartphone malware, a problem that did not exist only a few years ago. In this write-up, I will share with you some tips and tricks so as to help protect your smartphone and your identity from harms way.

    – Trusted Apps
    The first thing to do is to download only trusted apps. Those are apps found only on Google Play store. Google tests and certifies apps on their store before they showcase it. They take security seriously, obviously.


    – Observe due diligence with APK
    APK are android applications that you can install directly on your Android device. They are the equivalent of what .EXE is for Windows OS. If you download a lot of application on your smartphone, it comes to a point that you realize that Google Play has fairly limited apps in terms of functionality. The store has mostly apps of a commercial nature, and while it offers extremely good apps, make no mistake, many apps on this store, sooner or later, will try to sell you something. Or they simply have intrusive advertising you do not want.

    To install an APK, you will need to root your phone, which in essence removes the security features Google has set in place when installing apps. Some apps have a certain nature that is not allowed in the Play store. For example, torrent apps or adult content apps. This does not mean that they are not safe. It’s just that their theme is for a different audience as Play store is a family-safe store.

    With a rooted phone, you can now install ANY app directly on your smartphone. At this point, you will need to observe due diligence on the APK that you download. Not all APK are trusted. You need to read reviews from downloaders first.

    – Torrent Apps
    If you stream a lot of movies and TV shows on your smartphone, then go with reputable apps like uTorrent and ShowBox instead of lesser known applications. Install the showbox APK from the official site only.

    – Install an Anti-Virus
    It is important to install an Anti-Virus on your smartphone. This is especially important if you download a lot of apps. The only caveat is that it makes your smartphone a little bit slower. But a non-issue for those lucky enough to have the latest generation Android devices, since they are so fast that you will not notice a difference. Kaspersky, Bit defender, Norton and Avast are good anti-virus apps that do not consume a lot of resources.


    – Protect your Identity
    Your smartphone contains more personal information about you than anything else. This makes smartphones a target for online identity thieves. Anti-Virus apps normally have an option for identity protection, but if your favorite app does not come with this functionality, you will need to install one separately. I personally use Comodo Anti-Theft. It’s a great app.

    – Conclusion
    At the end of the day, your security is above anything else. By following those simple tips, you can protect you and your smartphone from a whole world of pain.

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    Showbox is a free streaming application developed specifically for mobile devices and tablets using the android operating system. A user who has an android device can download the showbox app and use it to stream quality entertainment videos. The application offers its users streaming capabilities for movies and TV shows at a free charge.

    The showbox App Android is not found on Google play store as it does not meet the terms and conditions of Google play and can only be downloaded by visiting the showbox website directly. To download the app, first visit the settings tab, go to security and turn on the unknown sources feature. This will help one to download apps from other sources than the Google play store. Thereafter, open your browser and visit the showbox website, where you’ll be required to click on the designated link that has an APK file. After downloading the APK file, tap in order to open the file and install the application. Lastly, after the installation process is complete, one will be able to watch free movies on their android device.

    Showbox is flexible and convenient. The time spent and the cost that comes with searching and buying movies is not worthy as with showbox, users are guaranteed free HD movies online without even downloading at their own convenience. Additionally, the application has a huge inventory of TV shows and movies.

    Showbox App users are always encouraged to use the updated version as users without the most recent version will end up getting endless pop up notification messages. However if you get an error “show box has stopped working” after an update go to settings and clear cache and data memory before re-starting the application again.

    The developers have also developed a showbox app for the laptop. Overall, showbox app is the best application for best HD videos and free entertainment

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    10 Best Mobiles In The World Today 

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