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By on March 1, 2010

Best_bad_moms_v3Babble did a list. Forbes has done a list. Alltop has an ongoing list. There are plenty of lists of notable mom bloggers, and some of them are awesome (I happen to be partial to the ones that include me, but I’m sure that you have your favorites), but few of them tend to include Canadians, or very many Canadians, and we thought that this represented a serious lack. Canadian mom bloggers – and, yes, dad bloggers, too – are among the best bloggers out there, and we thought that it was high time that they were recognized as such. So, on this page you will find our list – based upon your suggestions – of the Best Canadian Mom Bloggers That You’ve Maybe Heard Of, Maybe Not, Or Maybe Didn’t Even Know Were Canadian. Or, for short: The Bad Moms Club Favourite Canadian Mom Blogs, Now With More Soap.

We don’t claim it to be comprehensive – there are, we know, plenty of Canadian mom blogs that we might not have heard of that are equally deserving of recognition – but it is pretty far-reaching. And if you’d like to suggest a blog that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment. There’s always room for more!

(Please grab a button to show off, BMC-FCMBers! It’s not unCanadian to brag!)

Buttontastic awesome:




A Lot of Loves ‘tales of a domestically challenge challenged mom’

I started blogging on A
Lot of Loves in 2009 as a way to share my misadventures as a
domestically challenged mom, as well as discuss the struggles of
motherhood and the loss of identity it can bring.


a peek inside the fishbowl ‘because content is king, er, queen’

As a freelance writer and photographer, Andrea’s work has appeared in a
range of print publications, both local and national. But it’s her
presence on the web that has taken on a life of its own.


anniegirl1138 ‘Just another blog?’

I am an American living in western Canada as permanent resident. How I
came to be here is a long, long story – and I am writing it as you read
this – but the short version is I met a man on the Internet – a lot of
things happened – and now we are married – pretty happily as it turns
out in spite of skeptical predictions.


Attack of the Redneck Mommy

A humorous and insightful look at the joys of parenting, the delights of marriage and the heartbreak of losing a child.


A Very Good Year ‘Hell Yeah’

My name is Tatiana, and I’m a 26 year old American woman, living
outside of Toronto, with my husband Chris, our two chihuahuas, and our
beautiful baby girl Maia, born in February 2009.


Becoming Something

I started this blog in July of 2008 for the purposes of catharsis,
writing practise, and very likely a need for validation, which, I’m
happy to say I no longer care about so much anymore.


Better Baby Box

I’ve started this blog to record and discuss my goal of becoming
pregnant. For a slew of reasons, some physical and some psychological,
this is not something I plan to do all willy-nilly. In fact, I plan to
dedicate a goodly hunk of 2010 to preparing for the idea and the
reality of carrying and then having a baby.


Better Now ‘because it is’


Bored Mommy ‘The Mundane Makes Me Insane’

I used to be cute, but marriage and babies have aged the shit out of
me.  I avoid mirrors (and all reflective surfaces) and any place that I
may run into another person.  I am a magazine and a book whore, and am
allergic to all things related to nature and fitness. Don’t you just
want to hold me?


Bread Crumbs in the Butter

‘I swear and curse way too much. I’ve tried to curb it here in my
writing, but to hear me in person is probably quite a bit of profanity
to handle! I obey the wash rules on clothing for about a month but
sooner or later, everything ends up in the same load. I never iron. I
hate emptying the dishwasher, so I had kids to do it for me.


Bub and Pie

Bub: five-year-old aspiring mathematician;
Pie: baby sister turned laughing, loving toddler;
Me: mom, teacher, writer, reader.


Buggering Crap Monkies ‘Kick off your shoes and take a load off’

Dog owner, domestic failure, cross stitcher, counsellor, dreamer and critic. I will make you sit, pour you a bowl of cereal, sew your mouth shut, tell you what to do, how to do it and then that you’re doing it wrong.


Canada Moms Blogs ‘Mistresses of the Leaf’


Capital Mom

A mom and wife living in the capital of Canada, I strive to be a capital mom


Chaos Theory ‘Sleep deprived since 2002 ‘

This blog is my revolutionary act… I was apparently named after the drink. I can only be grateful that I
wasn’t named after its better-tasting cousin, Port. What amuses me is
that thanks to Google searches I’ve discovered that sometimes people
find my site by searching for “Sherry Osborne” because there’s a
vineyard called Osborne that makes Sherry. I find that hilarious.


Cheaper Than Therapy

part Georgia Peach, part Midwest Cheesehead, part Canuck. no wonder i need therapy.’


Cheaty Monkey

I’m not one for bios. So, I’m not going to kill myself writing one on
my own blog (even though it’s probably wise for one to have a good bio
on one’s own blog, but, whatevs, I’m like Popeye — I am who I am, and I
like spinach, too, ‘cuz it’s good for you).


Common Cents Mom ‘a journey of saving cents, getting fit and having fun o the path that is our life’

I am a solo parent raising a special needs child, all on a budget that
is right at the Canadian poverty lines. I work full time, doing
technical support for an Internet Service Provider. I also blog, tweet,
and look for great deals that can help me spend less.


Crib Chronicles ‘I will NOT scribble on children’

‘i have a fetish for spelling and trivia, and aspire to be on Celebrity
Jeopardy because i’ve accepted that i’ll never win otherwise. i’m not
terribly competitive, but enough. i enjoy strategizing the improbable.


crooked house

On a good day, I am an agnostic. On a bad day, I’m an atheist. On a really bad day, I’m a total believer. I like to read and to write. I also enjoy sleeping and walking, but not at the same time. I am an exciting person but I am not that exciting.’


Crumbs in the Minivan

Currently serving time as a suburban mother of three hilarious,
creative and chaotic children: the 7 year old type A songstress (Suvi),
the 4 year old double agent (Max), and the 2 year old rabble-rouser
(Finnegan). Until I make parole (which I expect – and hope! – will
never happen), and in addition to my duties as mom, I’m also
responsible for volunteering, freelance writing, singing and DJing,
general goofiness and tremendously embarrassing dance moves. Oh, yes, I
also drive a minivan.

Crunchy Carpets ‘clean socks are a privilege, not a right’

Long long ago, a startled and sleep deprived mom ventured forth into
the ‘Parenting’ websites to find solace in the words of other confused
mothers. In that venue Crunchy Carpets was born. She made a lot of
friends. Had a lot of laughs.


daysgoby ‘this is not my beautiful house’

Big city smartass girl marries small town earnest boy, moves to new
country, has a dog, two children and three cats. Oy! How in hell did
all this happen?



‘My name is Ada Saab. I’ve been writing as dirtyolive for about 10 years now – on and off. I’m the mom to two wonderful children and the partner of a wonderful man. I am the originator of the Victoria Grid Project and the site coordinator of the University of Victoria Campus Community Garden.
I am very often tired but more often, I am inspired.


drowning in kids

I am an animal lover and the former owner of dozens of chickens whom i
miss. I have two dogs – Doodle and Lucy a Schnoodle and a Mini
Schnauzer. I can often be seen at the side of the road pointing out
deer and other wildlife to my kids for the umpteenth time.


Dutch Blitz ‘Life can get pretty crazy around here’

‘Welcome to Dutch Blitz…where every day is pretty crazy. My name is Angella and I. Am. Canadian.


Earnest Girl

‘EarnestGirl wears her opinions and her heart on her sleeve in Vancouver, B.C. She writes about the stuff we don’t always say out loud, the questions we don’t ask often enough, the ugly bits and the awe inspiring moments of life and motherhood.


Embrace the Chaos

Based in Toronto, Emma has written about food and lifestyle in a
variety of national magazines. She has given up trying to fight the
chaos of family life and is learning to embrace it.’


Fawnahareo’s Place ‘Life as a Mom in the Yukon’

‘I started my first blog so that I could keep my far-flung family and friends in the loop about our lives up north.  Now blogging has grown into a way to connect with all sorts of people, sharing in the happy and not-so-happy moments of our lives.  It’s been a source of encouragement and support through miscarriage and dealing with our daughter’s epilepsy, thanks to all of you who visit!’


Finding Trinity

I am a 40 something, single
mother of an extremely amazing
5yr old daughter. I work from
home, and love to write in my
spare time. I have managed to
lose myself somewhere in between diaper changes, and pony tails
…But, I love ~ being a mother,
and own more cozy pyjama’s
than any other item of
clothing… (Le sigh)


Frog And Toad Are Still Friends

I’m a stay-at-home mom who likes to write! I know! I’m a delicate, unique snowflake!



I am a chili-fanatic who owns a music studio with my viking man and
my horde of wild teens.  My interests are graphic design music and
creating recipes that start with the word bitchin’.


Harmzie’s Way ‘… based on a true story’

…just another wife / mom / engineer who looked out upon the overcrowded marketplace and said, “Me, too!”

Hearts into Home ‘The Domestic Adventures of the Urquhart Family.’

“For us, a home is more than just the bricks and mortar that make up its walls. A home includes spaces such as a workshop, a kitchen, a garage, a garden. These are places where we can pursue our separate and combined interests. Places where the business of homemaking takes place, but where we also go sometimes to recharge our batteries.”


I am doing the best I can ‘This b*tch has fabulous ankles.’

Feminist, Thinker, Creator, Blogger. Student, Teacher, Observer. Woman, Mother, Wife and Rabbit Slave.
Know-it-All, Opinionated, Bossy. Fragile, Uncertain, Occasionally Mentally Unwell.
Through my blogs and photos, I strive to figure out just who the hell I am. Usually funny, sometimes sad, occasionally bold.
Welcome new friends.


Inside Scoop

If you’re looking for insight on how to balance motherhood and working while keeping your house immaculate, go visit Martha Stewart’s blog. If you’re every other mother on the planet struggling while trying to figure it out… welcome to The Inside Scoop.


Jackbear & Lilypad

Random moments from the life of an ordinary mom, undomesticated wife, novice writer and entrepreneur.


Kami’s Khlopchyk

I am happily married and live, with my husband and two boys, Jack and Kamden, in an area of Canada I not so affectionately refers to as the Arctic. For the record, I am pretty sure the scientists who determined where the Arctic Circle lies have never personally experienced the no less than six months of winter Saskatchewan normally enjoys.


Karen Sugarpants

Karen Sugarpants, writes from StrathVegas in Canada where she is outnumbered by her two boys & husband, wild turkeys, deer, and enough nature to seriously choke this Toronto-born girl.


Kickyboots ‘Where I get my kicks’

Have you ever sat down to write an “About Me” page and come up blank?
Because that’s where I’m at right now.  I just deleted my old page
since it was rather poorly written and somewhat outdated, and now I got


lady mama

Four years ago, I packed up my life and moved 5000 miles from my home in London, England, to Canada. A new house, new jobs, one dog and two children later, and I still have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.


Left Coast Mama ‘where mama goes to relax’


Les Pépins De Kiwi

‘Réflexions douces-amères d’une infertile, maintenant maman de deux garçons.’


life candy

My name is Nenette AM, but you can call me Nen. I’m a Canada-raised
Filipina, mum, wife, lifestyle blogger, former hula instructor, and
recovering engineer.


life. in balance. sort of. ‘a mini blog about the year I turn 40′

A little about this site.  I am blogging my way through this year I
turn 40.  Musings on a life in balance (well, sort of).  It’s about
time I got busy did some writing, instead of just thinking about it.
So this is an experiment.  An outlet.  A  tutorial in disciplined


Loulou’s views

Loukia is ‘that mom’ – no, not the mom who has it all together (she
doesn’t know how to use an iron, and wouldn’t be able to pick out a
slow cooker if you paid her) rather, she is the mom who allows her
children to sometimes eat chocolate for breakfast, the mom who lets her
baby walk around an airplane with nothing more than a onesie on, the
mom who can never say no, and the mom whose life is ruled by her


Mama la Mama

Between Central Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Europe, I felt I hadn’t moved enough so I took off for the USA where I warmed up for 11 years in preparing for the future move to Montreal. Since 2007 in the snowy city, I’ve hatched two eggs and am now in the process of unloading any excess luggage on you through this very fine blog!


Mama Tulip ‘Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?’

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.


martinis for milk ‘party girl gets knocked up. trades stilettos for stretch pants’

Take one part daydreaming, Armenian-Canadian, city girl. Add forgetful, aspiring filmmaker husband. Stir. Throw in whiny cat, super-cute 4-year-old son, tank-of-a-toddling girl with attitude, and a few ounces of old house in an “upcoming” Toronto neighbourhood. Shake vigorously. Then drink. Then have another.


Mommy Brain ‘Straight up thoughts from a first-time mom’

Writing had always been something I
enjoyed but, like many, I had lost my excuse to write once school ended
and the “real world” set in. This blog is my excuse to write and also
my attempt to desperately grasp on to any remaining brain cells I have


Mommy Is Moody

I’ve recently started calling myself a writer. And it’s fine with me if
you consider it laughable, because most of the time, I do, too, but I’m
getting paid to write, so, yeah, I’m a writer.



I’m a struggling Mom, and struggling actor struggling to get through the day and hopefully relating to others who struggle.


Mother-Woman ‘Internal Dialogue. Now Available In External.’

This misnomered blog is not just motherly. In fact it ain’t motherly at
all, I hope. This is our parenting blog by mo-wo and the papa-man,
p-man. The p is silent I am told.


Musings from Mt. Rogo


Notes to self ‘Culture. Soul. Laundry.’

‘I am a writer, blogger, mom to three boys, and wife to my soulmate
Patrick. I come from Newfoundland and I live in the American south, so
I never lack for material


Nugglemama’s Handful ‘A sneak peak into the daily trails of life with a handful of five children.’


One Day at a Time ‘Reading. Parenting. And keeping the weight off.’

‘I joined Weight Watchers online on June 27, 2007 and lost 80 pounds.
I’m now on a mission to keep that weight off and lose the last 20 while
keeping my head above water as wife and stay at home mom. I’m 30-ish
with a gifted child, a very lovable middle child and a globally
developmentally delayed 3rd child.



Caroline Fernandez lives, writes and does laundry in Toronto, ON.’


Party of 3 ‘Life on the fringes of the Capital as a single mom with 2 girls.’

I’m 46 years old. I’m a divorced mum with 2 girls (9 and 7 yrs old). I
live in a village just outside Ottawa and work for the Federal
Government. I try to stay sane. Most days, I succeed.


PhD in Parenting ‘… exploring the art and science of parenting’

I’m working on my proverbial PhD in Parenting. As someone that has
spent a lot of years in a classroom, I learned that sometimes I need to
take notes and explain things to others before I can truly master them.


Playground Confidential

I’m Rebecca Keenan and Playground Confidential is my
space to vent about parenting. It’s a Toronto-based blog (I live in the
Junction) that addresses local issues as well as the more universal
hardships and joys of motherhood.


Postcards from the Mothership ‘from there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere…’

I love to tell stories, in words and in pictures. I hear I’m a good
teacher, and a good public speaker as well. (Actually, I just love a
captive audience!)


Praying to Darwin ‘Tongue so firmly in cheek, it may be permanent.’

The name came about after reading an item in the paper discussing creationism vs. hard science. Some well-meaning folks were putting together a “Creationist Museum”, because the regular museums just weren’t cutting it. It just made me kind of sad. Can’t I have both?


Resolving Timeline Issues

My name is Nicole. I live in the suburbs of Vancouver,
BC with my partner, Darren and our daughter, born in May 2009, who is
referred to as “The Poptart.”


Sarcastica ‘airing dirty laundry since 2005′

Surprisingly, I don’t waste my time watching The Hills or drinking my
face off at bars like most of the people my age. Instead, I spend my
days caring for my son, Nolan, writing, reading, and trying to reach all the goals I have set for myself and my new family.


saucy’s sprinkles ‘a bloggedy blog blog about cupcakes, life and lurrve’


See Mommy Juggle

Candace Derickx is a soon to be forty year old wife, mother, stepmother, volunteer, entrepreneur and recovering housewife.


Strocel ‘Keeping it real in the suburbs’

‘I am Amber, all around crunchy granola mom to 4-year-old Hannah and
1-year-old Jacob. I am an engineer-turned-at home mom and an aspiring
freelance writer.’


Sweet | Salty

She begins to write and in doing so enters a world most grotesque in nature but lo! she is at home among these odd and insatiable folk.


Swell Little Life

I’ve started this blog to chronicle our journey as a new family. I love
taking pictures & if my day should include a big mug of coffee
while becoming brilliant through web browsing, a great podcast during a
morning run, a downward dog, snailmail, fresh nailpolish and lots of
kisses from Chris & Chloe…I am complete.


Tara’s view of the world

‘I am an imperfect pastor’s wife and an imperfect stay at home mother of
3 beautiful children. Olivia is 3 years old, Owen is 6 years old, and
Aiden is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with high-functioning
Autism & ADHD.


Temporarily Me ‘sanity is overrated’

I started my blog in July of 2006 after emerging from the hellish depths of message boards. I found myself needing somewhere to write, to share and to bond with others.


The Baby Machine

With humour, she provides an upfront view of life in a busy family, including honesty about cereal for dinner, monstrous carpool schedules, and advocating for her child with autism.


The Best Mom On The Block

Let me start off by saying I am in no way a professional chef. I’m just a girl who loves to cook, loves to bake, and loves her family. These are all the recipes I make for my family, whether it be once or one million times, and share them with you in hopes that your family will enjoy them too.


The Cheeseblog ‘hardly about cheese at all anymore’

I was born in a brick hospital in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was raised in
Burnaby, a biggish suburb, then grew my brain young and drunk and
poetic in East Vancouver for a time.


The Mabelhood

Veteran mother, Julie Cole has six young children in her charge and is
the co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. With humour, Julie blogs about life
in a family of eight, including honesty about cereal for dinner and
monstrous carpool schedules


Them’s my sentiments

I’ve been a teacher, mother, politician, and office worker. At 67, I’m
supposed to be retired. But I’ve found you can’t stop being a mother,
even after you’ve become a grandmother. Nor do you retire from being
married. And look out if you decide to be a community volunteer. For
‘retired’ read ‘tired’.


The Gratton Grapevine ‘Experiencing the world one grape at a time’

This blog started as a means to keep our far-flung family up to date on
our kids and their adventures. Now it’s a way to save my sanity and
sense of humour as well… whatever’s left of them!’


The Kids Are Alright ‘from kicking ass to wiping butt’

‘I love being a Mom. Sometimes I love it more than actually having kids.’


The Mother of All Blogs

‘Ann Douglas is a journalist and award-winning author of 28 books, including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, The Mother of All Baby Books, The Mother of All Toddler Books, The Mother of All Parenting Books, Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler, Mealtime Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler, and Body Talk: The Straight Facts About Fitness, Nutrition, and Feeling Great About Yourself.


ThreeSeven ‘all gushy and shit’

‘My own personal little corner of the fun side of insanity. Pull up a chair, it’s neato around here.’


This Is Not A Chair ‘Leci n’est pas une chaise’

I’m not wooden or leather, fabric or plastic, but have always been Chair. Chair is simply a first syllable-ism (with a letter swap for the sake of proper pronunciation) of my real name, Charity. Mostly a Stay At Home Mom, I also dabble in gardening, miscellaneous craft wizardry (sewing, knitting), painting, cooking, decorating, reading and, when time permits, sleeping.


TurtleHead ‘Only Occasionally Talking About Poop’

‘My name is Lynn. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, with my husband and three
kids. Turtlehead is my mother’s word for that groggy feeling you get
when you’ve overslept. I swear I didn’t know about the poop connotation
until much later.


Untangling Knots

‘Beth: From breadwinner to Stay-at-Home-Mom, Beth chronicles her journey of living in the country with her son and husband who occasionally stops by for a hot meal and clean clothes.

Karla: She’s a knotty girl.’


Urbanmoms ‘your voice, your place’

It is this sense of connection and community shared among mothers regardless of our background or geography that is celebrated here. That is the driving force on and that is how came to be.


Vively Online

‘I love my family. I enjoy making things. I aim for a well-balanced life. I’m no expert; I just very excited to share what I learn along the way.


Walking With Scissors ‘Careful, or you’ll poke an eye out’

I have written a blog since 2005 but this is my first “big girl” blog,
all professional-like. As I suspect it is for most bloggers, writing is
an outlet for me. It helps me to vent my frustrations. And, if people
happen to see it and comment on my struggles and triumphs, then so much
the better! (Loves me some validation!)


Wet Coast Women ‘a blogging community for west coast women’

The idea behind the site is simple..a place for all the women bloggers to mix, meet and promote their own sites and places of work and creativity.

Where There’s A Willer

This is my little journal.  I’m here, I’ve been blogging since 2004 and online in other forms before that, because I like to write.  I need an outlet for myself, and right now, this is my place.


Wish, Wait, Hope, Pray ‘Whatever it takes to get through the day’

Musings of a pregnant 30-something trying to celebrate brilliance, wear
heels and look fabulous whilst stumbling down the road to motherhood.


Woman in a Window ‘me, my kids, and stuff’

‘I’m a woman in flux, trying to discover who it is that I am. I’ve just the tips of my fingers on that elusive me and I’m trying real hard to grab tight. I’ve two amazing kids. I’ve one amazing life.

About katie

Katie blogs at her personal site motherbumper and is also co-founder of The Bad Moms Club. Add in an extremely active 6 year old and she figures she'll sleep when she’s dead.


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  34. Natasha @ BecomingSomething says:

    Thanks for the add-in, Catherine. :-)

  35. Angella says:

    Oh, this is fantastic you guys. Thanks for including me and for pulling it together.

  36. EarnestGirl says:

    Thank you BadMomsClub, for pulling this list together & giving us a button under which to convene.
    I am thrilled to find myself here amongst such a delicious gathering of maple mama goodness & echo habanerogal ‘s sentiments: so glad I can more easily read “mah sistas blogs in an effort to create national beaver unity.”

  37. Dawn says:

    Proud to be a Canadian-by-choice Mom! Thanks Ladies!

  38. kyooty says:

    YAY!!! that’s one great list!!!

  39. Rebecca @ Playground Confidential says:

    Pretty cool list, eh? So . . . who’s gonna do up the Twitter list so I can follow it?

  40. Lady Mama says:

    Thrilled to be included in this list! Looking forward to checking out some new blogs too.

  41. Nenette says:

    Thanks for doing this and including me! I’m having a blast looking at all these new-to-me blogs.
    Love and bacon!

  42. sam {temptingmama} says:

    Wow. Thanks ladies!! I was actually really surprised to see me here. LOL
    Thanks for taking the time to put this all together! I love me some Canadian ladies!

  43. sweetsalty kate says:

    I’m desperately late to this but thank you. This is lovely!

  44. laura says:

    Even later to the party, but this is truly brilliant! Maybe I’ll make the 2011 edition :)

  45. Old School/New School Mom says:

    I am a crazy Jewish mom blogger from the states and I love Canadian mom bloggers! Especially and
    Canada, you produce the best mommy bloggers!

  46. Tracy (AKA The Mayor!) says:

    Wow, what a fantastic way for me to find other amazing Canadian Moms! Thnx for this, though I’ve visited & enjoyed some of these already, it’s nice to have them all together to find!! I’ve also been enjoying this one…
    & I myself am a fairly new addition to the Canadian scence looking for input from more established bloggers!
    Now pass the maple syrup please!! :-D

  47. Danon says:

    hey there…I am new to this blog and think it’s almost as exciting as lastnights semi-final men’s hockey game!!! this isn’t as much a nail biter, but hey, im pumped to find the Canadian Mumma-Hood!
    anyhow, I am a mother of 3 kids 5 and under, i write a blog about anything and everything, and i live in Ontario…do I qualify? if not, I swear, drink and use the exclamation point for several other emotions…maybe that’ll help!
    i have also stopped by 12 of the blogs listed here and really love what they have to say Walking with Scissors, Scarbie Doll, and Bored Mommy are fantastic (thank you !!!)
    anyhow, stop by my blog and let me know where where you came from…Enjoy

  48. Stephanie says:

    This is a CRAZY list and I would love to join these bad moms for a drink at happy hour.
    I mean nap time.

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