Bad Moms Love Diapers (No, Really)*

By on April 12, 2010

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*(eds.: we are so devoted to diapers that we have changed them 1. in the backseat of a GM Traverse somewhere on the back roads of Kentucky when we were too afraid to stop at a gas station in the little town that boasted human skulls (fake? real?) on the patios of most of the houses, 2. on a standing toddler behind a bench at the Toronto zoo, 3. on the sidewalk in downtown Nashville, having cadged one from a passer-by, 4. roadside in Jasper National Park, and 5. thru 50,000. at home, at restaurants, in shopping malls, in parks, and pretty much everywhere a baby or toddler might relieve him or herself. So, yeah. We’ve used a lot of diapers. Many of them Huggies.)

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