Parenting in the 21st Century: When Your Kid Is Big In Japan

By on July 29, 2010

Imagine posting pics of your infant son and then discovering, ten years later, that he’s become an internet sensation in Japan – as a meme!

That’s exactly what happened to Allen S. Rout, and he only found out when he decided to Google himself. After scrolling through 18 pages of results, he recognized his name in a jumble of Japanese characters. A few clicks later, he was staring at one of the pictures he’d posted a decade earlier, surrounded by cartoon thought bubbles filled with Japanese characters.

Allen did some more digging and eventually discovered that his son, Stephen, has been the subject of a popular a meme in Japan for the last ten years.

The more he looked, the weirder it got – Allen happened upon a generate your own Stephen saying something app and several different versions of his boy. As a sculpture:

The likeness is quite remarkable, isn't it?

As a…what is this? A zombie? An Elvis zombie?

In 8-bit…

And in the clink.

Miss, I haven't eaten in six days!

Think about it – how strange, in an oddly cool sort of way, would it be to discover that for the last decade, your son’s baby picture has been a widely-circulated meme in Japan?

Or is it disturbing? BAD MOMS WANT TO KNOW.

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  1. KommanderBunnypants says:

    05-19-13 Expect Us

  2. Angella says:

    That is a smidgen of cool, but it would seriously FREAK ME OUT.

  3. Allen S. Rout says:

    My name is “Allen”, not ‘Allan”. :)

  4. Trecia@Kitchen Playsets says:

    Not cool at all – I think it’s just scary
    Trecia@Kitchen Playsets´s last [type] ..Disney Princess Kitchen Review