This week at MamaPop: Pop Goes The Parents

By on July 16, 2010

Our extended family over at MamaPop have had another wild ride of a week of pop culture and the fodder that has come forth is poptastical of a parenting kind.

They were my breaking source for the news about Bristol Palin engagement to Levi Johnston. That’s right, those crazy teenage parents are gonna make it legit. I wonder what Sarah thinks?

Then there was the news that Mr. Vince Vaughn is going to be a daddy. Woah. Didn’t see that transformation from swinger to family man coming but it is nice when the hotties procreate. Congrats to the Vaughns.

But the pop culture story that made my gossip side tingle this week was news about the new child labor probe launched over Kate Gosselin and her plus eight. I’m sorry, but it makes me squirrelly whenever I think about those kids being subjected to long hours in front of the camera. Kate just makes it too gosh darn diddly easy to not like her.

The culture never stops popping and MamaPop captures ever last kernel for your reading pleasure. Please do enjoy.

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