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By on October 22, 2010

Last night, Emilia and I were discussing raccoons.

“Raccoons are nocturnal,” I said. “That means, they usually only come out at night.”

Emilia thought about that. “Like skunks?”

“Yep. Skunks are nocturnal, too.”

“And bats!”

“That’s right!”

“And Daddy!”


“Because Daddy works at night. You always say, Daddy works so late, we only see him at night! So, Daddy’s nocturnal! LIKE A SKUNK.”

essay on freedom

Indeed, my love. Indeed.

This week at the totally awesome Living Well Mom Moments site, you could win an awesome prize pack and a chance at $5000 if you upload a video or submit a written entry about the darndest things your kids have said. (Next week, the topic will be something new, so stay tuned.)

(Disclosure – I’m a spokesperson for this. So that’s my dorky mug on that video at the site. Go, watch, laugh.)

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