Bad Moms Love Birthdays, They Really Do

By on November 17, 2010

We do love birthdays, because, really, what’s not to love about birthdays? Cake, balloons, presents: it’s all pretty awesome.

But really: have you ever been to a five year old’s birthday party? Can you honestly tell me that there’s a significant difference between what happens when five year olds hear the sounds of gifts being unwrapped and smell the distinct aroma of NEW TOY…

… and what happens when zombies hear the movements of LIVE BEINGS and smell the distinct aroma of BRAINS?

narrative essay writing

I thought not.

(Have I told you guys how much I love The Walking Dead? I so love it. I think that I should do a series on how The Walking Dead is one long commentary on attachment parenting. Or something like that.)

(Got ideas on how to mitigate the zombie horde frenzy of PRESENTS PRESENTS YEE HA NEW TOYS! with kids and birthdays? Weigh in over at Her Bad Mother and you could win a new Windows 7 phone. Or candy. CANDY YUMMY LIKE BRAINZ.)

(You can also get a chance to win a phone or yummy candy by commenting at Katie’s post, here, about LO THE VAGARIES OF TIME, or, how a working mom makes time for her kid.)

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