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Bad Moms Love The Instagram App

By Angella on December 23, 2010

Yes, I know that I posted about my favorite iPhone camera apps months ago but (nobody wants a photo tutorial TWO DAYS before Christmas, and) I am completely smitten with the Instagram App. It reminds me of Flickr back when I joined five (!) years ago; it has brought back the community feel and there are fun filters to boot. Let me show you.

Do you have an iPhone? If so, do you have Instagram? If not, YOU NEED IT. Trust me. Add me (angellad, just like Twitter) and I’ll add you back.

Are there any other photo apps that I need to know about? I have ten days off starting Christmas day, so you know I’ll be playing with my phone.

Share your links (or Instagram user names)(or your iPhone photos) below. And have a happy holiday, friends.

About Angella

Angella Dykstra, aka reigning monarch of Dutch Blitz, is the wife of one and the mother of three. She’s an accountant by trade but would prefer if we could keep that our little secret. She spends all of her free time writing and taking photos and often ties the two together. She’s proudly Canadian but loves Americans, and not just because they created Target.


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  2. [...] know that I talked about Instagram back in December when it was fairly new but it’s come a long way, baby. There is so! much! more! that you can [...]