Bad Moms Wanna Know: What Kind Of Mom Are You?

By on January 12, 2011

In all the discussion of ‘Tiger Moms‘ over the last few days, I’ve seen (and made) references to other possible types of moms: Hamster Moms, Bobcat Moms, Panda Moms (“fuzzy and huggable but with some really f***ing huge claws”), among others. And Jezebel jumped into the discussion by outlining a taxonomy of mom ‘types’ through the recent ages, beginning with Soccer Moms and ending with Cyborg Moms (not what Donna Haraway had in mind, but still.)

At The Bad Moms Club, we’re partial (obviously) to Bad Moms, and have also been known to use the term Slacker Moms. But if we’re going with totem animals, I kinda like Meerkat Mom, not least because it attaches a value to remaining upright. (Panda Mom, too, is awesome, I gotta say.)

But we want to hear from you: what type of mom are you? In the animal taxonomy (Tiger Mom, Meerkat Mom, Sloth Mom) or otherwise (Ativan Mom, Three Chardonnays Before Dinner Mom)? Let us know, and we’ll do our own momthropological investigation of who’s roaming the Mom Tundra.

(And if you’re a Tiger Mom? That’s totally okay. We have our moments, too.)

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  1. Nina Badzin says:

    I just wrote a post on this and linked to Catherine’s post from at the end. Still trying to figure out what kind of mom I am!

  2. Planet Mom says:

    Apparently, I am a NAMBY-PAMBY sort of mom…given that I let my children do a fair amount of that-which-is-deemed-enjoyable, to include climbing trees and whatnot (BEFORE) they complete their dreaded homework. On occasion, I have even allowed my dear progenies to (Gasp!) skip portions of their homework because a) it was decidedly too difficult and/or time-consuming b) my children were scheduled to participate in eleventy-seven other things that evening to include sporting events and play practices or c) the academic endeavor itself qualified as a bona fide project-from-hell and necessitated the summoning of a small team of marriage counselors in order to manage our collective frustration. What’s more, I permit my charges to attend sleepovers (with the very real possibility of encountering unmannerly children), to wile away the hours on Photo Booth (making perfectly ridiculous skits), to become engrossed in the foolishness that is iCarly and Sponge Bob (even though I loathe both more than words can adequately express) and to play (oh, the horror!) kazoos. It’s rumored I let them giggle, too.

    So there you have it. I am a Namby-Pamby sort of mom–not to be confused with the celebrated Tiger Mom.
    Planet Mom´s last [type] ..You Can’t Take it with You

  3. Libby says:

    I’m going to go with Mayzie-Bird Mom. I’d love for some lovable and patient elephant to do all the hard work in raising my kids and then I get to come back once it is “fun” and take all the credit. However, if the side effect in every instance is for the children to look like winged-elephants, I guess I can do the work. Vanity is the sin of choice in my house.

  4. Monica says:

    I’m a Roseanne mom, but with a little more class.


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