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If Star Wars Geeks Ruled The World…

By Her Bad Mother on February 3, 2011

… all television commercials – all the car commercials and cereal commercials and toilet paper commercials and Mac commercials (‘I’m a PC’/'I AM YOUR FATHER’), every single one – would be like just this one:

I’d accept an Obi Wan or Yoda variation, I suppose. Maybe even something featuring Han Solo. Just so long as it did exactly what the commercial above does, which is to say, make me want to sit my five year old down in front of Star Wars immediately.

/running out to buy Darth Vader costume for Emilia and Star Wars box set NOW.

About Her Bad Mother

Bad is the new good.


  1. Shannon says:

    This was the best commercial EVER. Even my 1 year old loves it and she cheers when the car starts. Ha!


  1. [...] I love when I get to see things first.  He’s always beating me to punches on things – could be that I fall asleep at 9pm most nights.  LOL.  Anyway, I’m calling myself winner on this… Though it really is Star Wars who wins here: http://thebadmomsclub.com/2011/02/if-star-wars-geeks-ruled-the-world.html [...]

  2. [...] what the hell, you’ve got 45 seconds to spare and that’s not enough time to watch that Super Bowl Volkswagon/Darth Vader commercial [...]

  3. [...] what the hell, you’ve got 45 seconds to spare and that’s not enough time to watch that Super Bowl Volkswagon/Darth Vader commercial [...]