How Bad Moms Do Celebrity Interviews, Russell Brand Edition

By on March 30, 2011

If you like Russell Brand, or even if you don’t like Russell Brand but DO like things like the Easter Bunny and Easter Bunny-related movies and post-structuralism and discussions of infinity as these relate to mommy bloggers, you should check out this interview over at Her Bad Mother.

An excerpt:

Russell Brand:  ‘Mummy Bloggers’ sounds like a nice saying. What if… it becomes so incorporated into language, so people would just use it normally?  “There’s a Mummy Blogger outside!  For heaven’s sake, help her!”

Me:  Or, in your case… “I was tackled by a horde of Mommy Bloggers!”

Russell Brand:  “I was having a lovely time with some Mummy Bloggers and you’ve ruined a perfectly lovely day.”

Me:  You’re turning it into “mummy,” though.


Me:  We have been informed that the rabbit (in the movie) wasn’t real. Now, is this or is this not true?

Russell Brand:  In your position as Mummy Bloggers, it’s important to keep up the idea that (SPOILER ALERT) the Easter Bunny is real.  I temporarily possessed him.  Is that weird?

Then I kissed him, the end. And that’s how bad moms do celebrity interviews, people. WATCH AND LEARN.

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