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Tutus Hit The Rink

By Her Bad Mother on March 15, 2011

Tonight, I’m going to hit the rink. In a tutu.

You heard me.

Disney’s Toy Story On Ice is in Toronto during March break, and a portion of the proceeds from all regular tickets sold – using the code TANNER – will be donated to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy in Tanner’s name. I’m introducing the opening show, tonight. In a tutu, of course.

So you know what would be awesome? If a bunch of you locals could come out and show your support and help us raise money and awareness and basically just work our Fairy God-Dork power! And if some of you wore tutus? ALL THE BETTER. Just remember to use the code TANNER when you purchase your tickets – you can get them HERE – and then fluff out your tutus and get ready to SMILE. (Or, leave the tutu at home and just come out quietly to enjoy me making a fairytastic fool of myself. Or just come to one of the other shows and forget all about me. As long as you come enjoy the show, and use the code so that we can help PPMD work toward a future in which little boys like Tanner don’t face a death sentence.)

And if you’re not local? Just stand up for somebody. It doesn’t have to be a child with DMD, or someone with a disability, and it doesn’t have to be in a tutu (although tutus are awesome). Just, stand up. Raise your voice on someone else’s behalf. Hugs your kids. Champion a cause. And then hug your kids again.


(Steal this badge! Post it everywhere! Tell all your friends! Wear tutus!)

About Her Bad Mother

Bad is the new good.


  1. [...] you can still go see this show and do some good at the same time; order your tickets with the code TANNER and $2 from that ticket [...]