Bad Moms Love High Heels, Are Ambivalent About Tyra Banks

By on April 25, 2011

I have mixed feelings about Tyra Banks. On the hand, she’s batshit and she humiliates young women for sport. On the other, I really can’t stop watching ANTM – which makes me a terrible person, I know, but SERIOUSLY – and also, she makes videos like the one below, which not only provides the tremendous service of explaining how to walk in heels properly – seriously, you all need to take notes – but also makes a very (and entirely unintentionally) funny point about not hacking your stilettos near children. THE MORE YOU KNOW, PEOPLE.

The Stiletto — powered by TYPEF.COM


Seriously, though: I love heels, and I wear them as high as I can whenever I am out in grown-up land without my kids, and I cannot tell you how often I get asked how I walk in those and don’t my feet hurt? To which the correct answers are a) watch the above video, and b) yes, of course.

Now you know.

(Apologies for the auto-start on that clip. I have no idea how to turn it off. My life skills beyond heel-wearing are very limited.)


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