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Bad Moms’ Guide To Raising a Socialist

By Annie on May 31, 2011

If you thought you had to take your kids to political rallies and demonstrations to turn them into good socialists, you’re dead wrong. All you have to do is park them in front of the television.

I like Jack Layton,” he said pointing at the big orange signs we passed on the way to school each day. “Is Jack Layton going to be the next Prime Minister?

Oh, Stephen Harper won? Is he going to have to go into one of the big jails that he is building?

Those are the words of a child who started watching Sesame Street at around six months. Mesmerized by Elmo, he soaked up his every word. Children of his generation are living by the word of Big Bird in the same way that millions of women live by the word of Oprah. If you thought Sesame Street was just teaching your children manners and ABCs, you were dead wrong. Turns out they are being brainwashed by left-wing producers and writers.

In his book, Primetime Propoganda, Ben Shapiro wrote about how television is being used to push a left-wing agenda.

Primetime Propaganda is the story—told in their own words—of how television has been used over the past sixty years by Hollywood writers, producers, actors, and executives to promote their liberal ideals, to push the envelope on social and political issues, and to shape America in their own leftist image.

One of the shows highlighted in the book is apparently Sesame Street.  According to the Daily Mail’s article on the book:

Shapiro, 27, also spoke to one of Sesame Street’s founders, who told him that he used the programme, in the wake of 9/11, to highlight how there were peaceful alternatives to war.

This revelation may surprise some, but the show – which has featured guest stars such as Katy Perry, Ricky Gervais and Michelle Obama – was criticised for having an anti-right agenda in 2009 when it mockingly referred to America’s Fox News channel as ‘Pox News’.

If you thought Sesame Street was teaching sharing and cooperation, Shapiro would say you are wrong. Apparently, it is teaching ethnic groups civil disobedience.

If Shapiro is right, this could have serious consequences for American politics. In 2008, around 77 million Americans (around 25% of the population) had watched Sesame Street as children. But in 1996, a survey found that 95% of American preschoolers had watched Sesame Street by the time they were three years old.  Do you know what happens this year to children who were three years old in 1996? They become eligible to vote and there will be more and more of them joining the ranks of voters each year. So watch out!

Oh and don’t forget…the Martians are coming and they are socialists too!

So tell me, if Sesame Street is teaching children left-wing values, which kids TV shoes are teaching them right-wing values? Do I really want to know?

Image credit: phdinparenting

About Annie

Annie, aka Phd in Parenting, straddles life on the Quebec/Ontario border with her partner and two children. She shudders at the thought of being considered mainstream in parenting or in life and is always trying to recruit others over to the dark side. Annie is always looking for (and sometimes believes she has found) the 25th hour in the day as she balances running a business, having a family, and carrying on numerous conversations ranging from important to trivial on every social media site out there. Annie writes about parenting, feminism, social justice and the intersection between the three on the PhD in Parenting blog and tackles issues at She is also the mayor of the Cupcake Lounge on foursquare.


  1. Dana K says:

    I’m pretty sure Yo Gabba Gabba is teaching my son to drop acid but I like it, too.

    The show, not acid.

    Also, people need less time on their hands if they are looking for commie pinkos in Sesame Street. For the love, we teach kids to share their toys, take turns, & depend on the governing bodies (mom & dad) for everything. We are born socialists. GAH.
    Dana K´s last [type] ..Never Forgotten

  2. Aimee says:

    Okay, let me get this right. Sesame Street teaches things like cooperation, tolerance, equality (human beings of all ages, ethnicities, physical and intellectual abilities…. and monsters!). The fun of using your imagination, active play, counting, learning letters, reading, singing. Conquering fear by telling an trusted adult what you’re afraid of (like going to the doctor, bringing your pet to the vet, your parents going away for the weekend, starting school, etc), so that the adult can help you. Kindness to a playmate who is sad. Kindness to animals.

    So, what are the “right wing values” that should be taught to children? If we’re going to be totally logical, is it the opposite of all of these things??? Intolerance and distrust? Inequality? Remaining fearful of the unknown because children shouldn’t learn about their world (in little and big ways)? That math & literacy, play, music, and art are irrelevant? Bullying a playmate? Come on….

  3. If yip-yipping with the Martians is socialism, then paint me red and send me to Moscow circa 1917. YIP YIP YIP YIP!!!

  4. i hafta say, i kinda agree with its detractors…

    on PBS, between many kids’ program halves, they show mini sketches, and i distinctly remember one featuring Bikes Not Bombs where the kids learned to make smoothies from local ingredients with foot powered energy. they didn’t get into anti-war messages, but i know what bikes not bombs is about.

    and i like it:)

    i also like the distinctly urban vibe on sesame street. most of the television landscape is suburban (and white), and it’s positive to have other geographies (and ethnicities) represented as normal, rather than scary/Other (or even cool/Other).
    suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}´s last [type] ..handmade- fair trade- Noonday Collection giveaway

  5. Sarah M. says:

    Well if I knew Sesame Street was teaching my son to be a socialist I would have parked him in front of the TV the minute he was born.
    Sarah M.´s last [type] ..Me Dad Had a Heart Attack

  6. This is so not okay.
    Jennifer is 1 Bad Mom´s last [type] ..Why don’t friends with kids have time TELL ME ABOUT IT

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