Do Not Poke The Mama Bear. Or Her Stroller.

By on May 10, 2011

Oh, well this is fun.

Age Limited.

Laura Miller has started a website. This website is called Too Big For Stroller. It features pictures of children of varying ages being wheeled about in strollers. Many of these children are older than 1 or 2. They are maybe 4 or 5 or even older – ages Laura obviously thinks as Too Old to be in a stroller. She is apparently very upset about the fact that children who appear to be too big to sit in strollers, sit in strollers. (I think Laura needs some real problems.)  So Laura walks around and takes pictures of other people’s children (or accepts email submissions from people who take photos of other people’s children) and then posts them on the internet, with a little blob over the child’s face (because that makes it all OK) with the word “walk” emblazoned over it. She also adds a snappy caption like “its ok, everyone…there’s room for her PURSE” and “these parents must be exhausted.”

How funny.

Laura, probably back in third grade or so, they should have taught you something in school. Something about how picking on someone smaller than you, someone who can’t defend themselves, someone who really isn’t doing anything wrong, isn’t cool. About how it’s really not a good thing to do to take something you somehow brand as “lame” and turn it in to a weapon to use against someone else, to point and mock and laugh and belittle. Often people who do these sorts of things try to get other people on their side, to use their cruelty in order to get other people to laugh along with you and tell you you’re cool. But here’s something you might not realize:  they might laugh to your face, but they actually think you’re mean, and they walk away going, wow. I can’t believe she had the nerve to do that! Because really, to surreptitiously take photos of children (which totally isn’t creepy at all) and post them on the internet (wow, even less creepy!) in order to make your point that you in your personal judgment think that the use of a stroller past a certain age/weight/height is just so, so, terribly wrong that it deserves public shame? Is pretty awful.

I’m not going to use the fact that you don’t have any children against you. I mean yes, I already know that you would never ever have your child in a stroller past whatever arbitrary age you decide, and your child will be babyworn and then walk everywhere. Because, of course, imaginary children are far easier to parent than real ones. They never get tired or whiny or sore or sick or have any invisible physical limitations or any of a million things that might mean a stroller will make life a lot easier for everyone.

No, instead, I’m going to use this opportunity to inform you of something. When someone picks on a child, their parents’ response isn’t to say “oh, yeah, hahaha, that’s funny! And so right! I am going to totally change my ways because that bully is totally correct!”

Our response, instead, is to behave much as the bull who’s just been taunted with the red flag. We don’t listen to reason. We go, proverbially, or perhaps literally, in to a state we call Mama Bear. We anger and protect and defend.  We politely (even though we don’t want to be polite) tell you why your website sucks and how you’re hurting people. We make sure our child never sees the photo of them on the internet that a mean person put up to mock. And from then on we walk around with our hackles raised, making sure nobody’s surreptitiously pointing a cell phone camera at us in order to get something to make fun of on the internet.  But if you are, and we see you, jebus save you from the verbal blasting you are about to receive.

Maybe you never had a Mama Bear. Maybe you have never seen a Mama Bear in action. Maybe nobody stood up for you when you were little and instead left you to be eaten by the wolves, wolves who were never taught themselves that it’s not cool to pick on someone else. In that case, I feel sympathy for you. But in this case, this case where you’re publicly picking on kids, you’re on your own.

So sure, Laura, pick on parents. We’re used to it. Hell, we’ve got a whole website here based on the fact that people think parents suck since people like you, people who like to haughtily tell parents what a shit job we’re doing,  are a dime a dozen.

But do not, do not pick on our kids. Because that doesn’t make you funny. It just makes you mean.


Via Jezebel.

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  1. Dana K says:

    What really pisses me off about this is that I wonder how many of these kids who shouldn’t be in a stroller according to her have medical conditions. My son’s family of mitochondrial disorders don’t always cause any obvious physical features that there is a disorder. So, my seemingly healthy looking child could be resting to prevent a metabolic crisis.

    I hope she is never on the receiving end of the kind of judgment she feels so free to dish out.
    Dana K´s last [type] ..VLCAD Deficiency Update

    • Rae says:

      This is almost exactly the first thing I thought of as I was reading this. My fourth child (I have 6) has cerebral palsy, but she’s has the more rare form of hypotonic (weak muscles) instead of the more common hypertonic (tight muscles that causes obvious malformations as the child grows). In other words, when she was little she looked “pretty normal” but was not able to even stand up until she was two and well after that before she could walk. when she learned to walk she was limited by her muscle tone and would often just pass out without warning when her body could take no more. We kept a stroller for her until she was at least 7 years of age. We were told she might never walk, much less have the balance to run; she is still small for her age (now almost 10) and just last month she won first place in the 25 meter dash at the Special Olympics (YES, I am a proud Mama Bear)!

      I think Laura needs a major dose of reality. Let’s invite her to take three children, preschool age and younger, to the mall for a shoe shopping trip — shoes for the children, not her! OH, I forgot the most important part – no strollers, no Mommies Helpers/babysitters, no friends to come along for a spare hand!
      Rae´s last [type] ..Not a lubber

      • Shannon says:

        Yep, Dana and Rae, that’s one of many, many reasons she kind of doesn’t know WTF she’s talking about.
        Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

    • Terri says:

      This page has gotten the special needs communities in an uproar. How dare she? I myself have a 4 foot 48 pound child in a medical stroller…which looks like a giant stroller. Why? Because she can’t walk on her own. She is gorgeous and at first glance I suppose a know it all bullying idiot might take a picture and post on the Internet to make fun of my beautiful child who cannot walk, cannot talk, and cannot type.
      What about the Moms with CP or Spina Bifida? Or the ones who have worked all day long and arms are jello and doesn’t have the energy to chase her child all over the store or park?
      The only thing worse than a bully,or a person who would take pictures of children and post them on the Internet is a know it all smart ass with no experience judging the world. With this woman we have all 3. Congratulations. You must be so proud!

    • Kristine says:

      Also thinking the same thing about special needs kids. I’m thinking many of them probably have some sort of medical condition. Even if the child had asthma or something and couldn’t walk long distance. Gah. Anyway, who is it hurting to have a child in the stroller? No one. And, who is this woman helping? No one.
      Kristine´s last [type] ..It Happened in May

  2. Spots says:

    Really she should find a more productive hobby. Like feeding the hungry or solving the world’s energy crisis. There are some children who look much older than their actual age. My nephew is one. He just turned 2 and is considerably larger than my average 3.5 year old. I bet she will eat her words someday.

    • Shannon says:

      Right? Surely there are better things to get annoyed at.
      Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  3. Amy S. says:

    The funny thing is, half these pictures are taken at Disney, or another theme park. Hell, I wanted a stroller for myself when I was there. I most definitely took one for my four year old.

    • Shannon says:

      Seriously. They even rent them out there. Those places are exhausting!
      Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  4. Lindsay says:

    You know what the most annoying thing about this is? My daughter is four and a half as of next month. We had to retire her stroller at just over two years old because my child is massive. Yes, when she was two people were guessing that she was 4. Now that she’s 4 they think she’s 6. She is huge. I have no doubt that I would have been pinpointed as one of these parents.
    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
    That being said… Children in the USA currently take advantage of 12 minutes outside of school for exercise. Of a possible hundred and ninety. So, while “making fun” of children isn’t fair.. This is also touching on another issue. Where.. you’re right. THE CHILDREN aren’t at fault.
    It is definitely easier to discourage your child from walking and to stick them into a stroller, but who is it really best for?
    It’s not a popular viewpoint, but I have seen kids who are pushing 7 in a stroller who are LARGE. and quite obviously capable of walking. But… may not continue to be capable if they’re never made to do it. It’s a balance.

    This niche for mean blogging? It’s hopefully a fad. Unfortunately A LOT of women (and probably men) frequent these awful sites and give them hits.
    I refuse to even click over. Ha!
    Great post.

    • Shannon says:

      Lindsay, you’ve touched on a crucial factor – the fact that many kids are less physically active than they should be. And that is definitely a big problem. But I think it’s pretty separate from a lot of the reasons why people might have older kids in strollers – and miles apart from taking photos of people’s kids in order to make fun of them on the internet. Ugh.
      Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  5. Shanna says:

    I can’t believe we still have to tell people – adults! – not to make snap judgments based on such limited information (seeing a “too big” kid in a stroller). My four-year-old twins will ride in their stroller this afternoon – because Tuesday is their long day at school, and we head from there to the library (half a mile) for a program that ends at dinnertime, and then either home or (occasionally) out for dinner–walk home is about 3/4 mile. It’s raining, so asking them to ride their bikes (as they have been doing most days) is out. Similarly, on hot summer days, I have (and fully intend this year to) put my kids into the stroller, carrier basket stocked with lunch/snacks/water/sand toys/bathing suits/sunblock, and head to any one of a number of beautiful playgrounds within reasonable ADULT walking distance of our home (~1.5 miles). Sure, they are old enough to walk, but I’d rather have them get their exercise and fresh air playing in the shade in the company of other children than dragging along on the sidewalks and being forced to leave the park early “so we have enough energy to get home.”

    I suppose my “acceptable” choices are: (1) make exhausted, hungry children walk around town in the rain/blazing sun; (2) DRIVE around to all these places, when I live in a wonderfully walkable city, because sitting in car seats is magically okay where sitting in a stroller is not; or (3) never ever go anywhere more than two blocks away in less than ideal weather conditions. Yup. Totally the lessons I want to teach to my children.

    • Shannon says:

      Silly, your other acceptable choice is to have an imaginary child who is perfect, just like the blog author’s will be!
      Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  6. Angella says:

    This post was even better than I imagined you would write when we were talking about it in our Google group. Perfectly done, Shannon.

    Like Amy, when my family and I went to Disneyland, we rented a stroller for our four-year-old. She did a lot more walking than I would have expected from someone her age, but if we were going to book it from Disneyland to California Adventure, it was much easier on everyone to fire her into the stroller. My kids are all tall for their age and SOLID, so placing her (or her older brothers) on our hips isn’t physically possible.

    I’ve seen people ranting about this on Twitter in the past and one argument is that if the kids are too tired to walk at a place like Disney, then it’s time to leave for the day. That is all fine and good if you are one of the lucky ones who live close to a Disney theme park. For those of us who forked over money for a family of five to fly down and stay at a hotel, that just doesn’t make any sense. If letting my daughter sit in the stroller at times during the day to rest her legs means that we can pack more fun into our day (and stay up for the fireworks), I personally think that makes me a BETTER parent, thank you very much.

    • Rae says:

      I came over here because of you twitter link (thank you, by the way)! I agree with you 100%. We’ve not been able to take our crew to WDW, but we did have plans that fell through and some of those plans were in organizing a large stroller for our 4th child (then just 7 years old, see my reply to the first comment). I grew up going to WDW every few years and I remember my parents renting a stroller for my sister on two of those trips, when she was 3 and then again when she was 6 – it’s much too big a place for a child that young to walk all over. When you pay for a trip like that, even if it is more than once, if allowing the child not to wear out by walking keeps the family enjoying the trip AND allows for the maximum amount of experience and family memories then BY GOLLY USE A STROLLER! OK, I’m calm now. ;)
      Rae´s last [type] ..Not a lubber

      • Shannon says:

        Shit, if we ever go to WDW I’m renting a motorized scooter. For ME.
        Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  7. Mrs. Wilson says:

    THANK YOU. I haven’t seen the site in question, but my four-year-old goes in the stroller because I like walking long distances FAST and it’s unreasonable to make a four-year-old run along with me for 6km. If I saw someone taking a photo of my kid, in the stroller or not, and then posting it on the internet, there would be HELL TO PAY. Not cool.
    Mrs. Wilson´s last [type] ..Grace in Small Things- Sunday Edition 24

    • Shannon says:

      Yeah. That’s the biggest part of this whole thing. She takes pictures of kids in order to mock them. So gross.
      Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  8. CanCan says:

    I had to stop using a stroller earlier than I would have liked to b/c of the conditions of the sidewalks in my neighborhood! (I walk to work and walk the kids to school).
    I wonder what she would think about really big kids being worn in carriers? Some kids are just big! My first child was 25 pounds at 6 months! He was only 27 pounds by 18 months so it leveled off. But still. They grow!

    • Shannon says:

      25 pounds at six months. Good lord, woman. You’re my hero for wearing him that long!
      Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

    • Jenn K says:

      Oh, yeah… I had a 12-pounder at birth who was 25 pounds at three months. I wore him almost constantly (because, you know, people kept telling me what a bad mom I was for putting him down occasionally!) and screwed up my spine for keeps. I WISH I’d used the stroller more!!! (And wish I’d had this website available twelve years ago so I could have stayed sane and healthy… the world is, unfortunately, full of nasty little creeps like the Too Big For Stroller bimbo…)

  9. Carol says:

    She admits on her site that she’s a childless twenty-something year old with nothing in her fridge. Maybe the bitch’s just hungry? And that’s why she’s so mean? I’m going to look in my 5 year old’s stroller to see if I can find a juice box and a bag of fishy crackers to send her.
    Carol´s last [type] ..Smart Destinations To Launch Go Select- Exclusive Offer for NYCityMama Readers

    • TechyDad says:

      Not only that, but she actually says “being a mom is hard work. i have a dog, so you know, i get it.” Yeah, having a dog = having a kid. Sure. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I want to go out to a fancy dinner with my wife so I’m going to stick my two kids into a cage with a bowl of water and some crackers or something. We’ll only be out a few hours. That’s ok, right? What are those vans with “CPS” doing driving up to my house for?

      • Shannon says:

        We could take up a collection for food. And TechyDad – your problem is you left them in cages. You’re supposed to leave them in the kitchen with matches and cooking oil, CPS is totes fine with that.
        Shannon´s last [type] ..What I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  10. katie says:

    A comment from a former BearCub:

    I’m having a hard time trying to say what I need to say without getting bent out of shape (more so than I am) but here it goes: As someone who didn’t walk until two because of congenital hip dysplasia and wore leg braces at night until 8, my parents would have loved to have a stroller to help them out until I was strong enough to keep up with the family. Compact strollers were not an readily available option in the early 70s where we lived (if at all). By all appearances back then I looked like a healthy(ish) kid with really skinny legs and this outward appearance was due to all the physio, procedures, binding, and rehab since birth. All that extra worked must have sucked for my parents but thankfully I have fond memories of rehab where they instructed me to ‘walk like Charlie Chaplin’. Anyway. My legs weren’t as strong as other kids and while I was liberated from my braces during the day, my strength was zapped a lot faster than others my age. Because of that, my parents ended up carrying me around much more than other kids, and for a much extended age than most. Lucky for my parents I was really small and looked a lot younger than my age but not so young looking that IF I had been a stroller, this woman would have taken her bullying digs at them. My parents would have used a stroller if it had been available, that I’m sure of. I’m also sure that if my parents had encountered this writer and her contributers they would have ignored the useless and unsolicited feedback and judgements and hoped that each of them realize that to judge others without reflection into the reasons for their decision makes for a very unhappy life.

    So like Shannon already said, you can poke the bear but stay away from their cubs. We bite too.
    katie´s last [type] ..Dust In The Wind

  11. Kim at the Beehive Blog says:

    disgraceful and sad. and the point is – no one needs to curse her ovaries, she does it alllll by herself by making fun of children.
    Kim at the Beehive Blog´s last [type] ..The Hive is … Moved Phew &amp the Kitties are Busy Uh Oh

  12. Niri says:

    We were actually ones that ditched the stroller early – we used a Baby Bjorn and never got used to the whole stroller thing. Having said that we used a stroller from Disney while we were there and I don’t really care where people put their kids – REALLY – she needs issues in her life. This makes me angry – if she went around after parents who broke the law leaving kids locked in a car alone or something I may understand a bit but she needs to get a life and some food maybe!

  13. EarnestGirl says:

    But do not, do not pick on our kids. Because that doesn’t make you funny. It just makes you mean.

    This is the crux of it. Well said.
    EarnestGirl´s last [type] ..Daily Grace

  14. Marinka says:

    I can see that I’m in the minority here. I saw the site in question and I’m not particularly interested in it, because I’ve seen kids who seemed too old to be in strollers be in strollers and well, there’s just so much that can be said about it.

    I agree that there are many conditions and disabilities that can’t be seen– absolutely and people should back the fuck off.

    But do we really disagree that some of it is lazy parenting?

    (And yes, it’s hard to argue that we shouldn’t be making snap judgments. Or at least not dedicating websites to them.)

    But…don’t we?
    Like, a lot?
    I saw a 4 year old drinking soda at the airport last month, and I absolutely made a snap judgment about the mom who purchased it for her.

    And I’ve definitely seen kids in a stroller that seemed, unless they had a condition, too old to be in a stroller. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting that.

    • vegas710 says:

      Why does it matter even if it is “laziness”? You never get tired? Your kids (assuming you have them) never get tired? You never ever EVER take the easy way out in any situation?
      And why the hell does it matter if a four yr old drinks a soda? Are you serious??

    • Annie says:


      I too have seen some kids who I think are too old to be in strollers (if they do not have a medical condition/disability), but I think there is a BIG difference between making that observation silently to yourself and creating a whole website dedicated to it.

    • Yudith says:

      What i do not understood is if truth be told how you’re now not relaly much more neatly-preferred than you might be now. You are very intelligent. You understand therefore considerably relating to this topic, produced me in my view believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men are not interested until it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs outstanding. All the time handle it up!

  15. Desiree says:

    So how about 3 year olds? My 42 inch tall, 40 pound 3 yr old sits in a stroller. And to be honest, I see the glares but in the same breath, they don’t know if I take her out of the stroller I will never get anything done. Ever. And she will make their lives a living hell if I let her run rampant around the super market. Maybe I should send my diabolical “too big for a stroller” 3 yr old to Laura Miller’s house!

  16. Stasha says:

    I could tell you at least 5 good reasons to allow my 3 year old son to ride in a buggy on occasion. But that is beside the point. Which is: Laura and the likes are mean and preach what they don’t practice. There are not many people, if any, who are so amazing they can pass judgment. And being a very cool mama bear myself, I will refrain from judging Laura, who one day might come up with a blog about something worth talking about.
    PS Motherhood in NYC tweeted about this and send me your way.

    • Kaira says:

      I never used a soerlltr for my two (now 12 and soon to be 16) older sons. I only use a soerlltr for William now (almost a year) to have a safe place to put him while I’m doing outdoor chores here on the farm. Otherwise kids are/were carried (slings are the best thing ever) or walked. Both older boys were diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten. Older son was diagnosed with Asperger’s his freshman year of high school. Neither ever had formula either, to discount a theory someone else proposed online.It’s possible that trying to control children to such an extreme exasperates ADHD, certainly it can’t help. My current theory (totally unresearched, totally my opinion) for the ADHD/autism epidemic is homogenized milk starving the brain of much needed fat and proteins. With Asperger’s/autism, kids regress at about 18 months, just about 6 months after they’ve been started on cow’s milk. ADHD is genetic and it isn’t a totally negative thing, IMNSHO, but something about modern American life is exasperating it to epidemic proportions. My goal is for William to only have unhomogenized milk once he’s weaned, be it from our own little dairy goat herd (goat milk is naturally homogenized by the way, so the fats and proteins aren’t damaged), or from the Jersey dairy down the road to fill in gaps in our own production here.

  17. Marinka says:

    I’m in the minority on this, because I do think that some of the older kids in strollers is about lazy parenting. And although I have no interest in the website, I don’t fully understand the outrage, either.

    (yes, we shouldn’t make snap judgments. But when I saw a mom giving her kid soda, I sure as hell judged. And yes, people have limitations that are not obvious, and I’m not including those children).

    I’d written a much longer, Pulitzer-worth comment before, but it disappeared, so this is sloppy seconds. Eh, I’m lazy.

    • kim says:

      why “sure as hell judged” that is the worst thing in the world about other mothers. it’s why mothering is so hard. no it isn’t because of the lack of sleep, the constant battles over making them eat, the worries over their health, making sure they are in the right class, right school, right area code….. it is because of other mothers “sure as hell” gonna judge because someone gave their kid a freaking soda. are you gonna get cavities because someone else gave their kid a soda? are your kids suffering because of it? what the hell does it matter if someone gave their kid a soda? is it healthy? no. what if that kid just had a medical procedure and they could get anything they wanted and that was what they chose. what if that was the kids 3rd soda for the day? what does it matter to you? how does other parents parenting style effect you?
      so go on judging people who parent not up to your standards and see what you are teaching your children to do….
      kim´s last [type] ..Surgery Update

  18. Loukia says:


    My five year old sometimes sits in our stroller still. If he gets tired of walking and his younger (three year old) brother isn’t in the stroller, he’ll sit in it, if he wants to.

    My five year old is over 70 pounds. And my three year old is alomost 50 pounds. I have big boys! And sometimes, I even CARRY MY CHILDREN STILL! SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously. Can we not just do whatever we want to do, if we’re loving our children?

    And helllooo… travelling with young children is not easy. If a stroller will make all our lives easier, than THANK GOD FOR STROLLERS. Even for big kids.

  19. Karen says:

    I am so stunned that anyone in their right mind (oops, did I just judge her based on this web site with no further evidence) would think it is AT ALL okay to take, let alone post, pictures of someone else’s children. My first thought wasn’t that the kids were experiencing physical limitations, though it’s certainly a valid explanation. But, given that these are so clearly taken at an amusement park, how on EARTH can you judge a parent for letting their child sit in a stroller!? Heck, I’d want one of those electric wheel chairs for myself. It’s exhausting walking all over those parks.

    I think this woman has a little bit too much time on her hands and too much access to technology to spout her venom over situations about which she knows nothing.
    Karen´s last [type] ..Saturday nights with Mom

  20. Kim says:

    Well, karma is a bitch. When she has her own, she’s probably gonna find that out! My kids are big for their age too.

  21. HereWeGoAJen says:

    My husband is six foot ten inches. My daughter is obviously tall. I started getting stroller glares for her when she was eighteen months old and people would ask her if she was three. (Um, no, and she can’t answer you either because she can barely talk.) Now, she rarely rides in her stroller now because she is opinionated and likes to be able to walk around (and try to touch everything), but sometimes she does and I think she’s totally entitled. She’s not an adult and she doesn’t have adult stamina yet. On days when she needs to accompany us somewhere that is too far for her to walk, she rides. I stopped being able to carry her full time when I was pregnant, she was just too heavy.

    My husband is astounded that such a website exists. He wants to know “why does she care? I mean, really, WHY does she care?”
    HereWeGoAJen´s last [type] ..The Sink

  22. Janine @ Alternative Housewife says:

    The posting photos part is insane. Like, way too much time on your hands plus super creepy.


    I am a mom, and I totally make comments about kids being too big to be in strollers. Yes, there are cases where children have developmental problems or injuries. But that is the exception. In the United States, something like 30% of children are obese. So I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that a 5 year old should be walking rather than pushed around.

    I don’t think her site is meant to be judgmental of the kids AT ALL. It is clearly directed at the parents, many of whom probably are actually lazy. I guess my tune might change when my son is older and maybe we don’t give up the stroller, but other than the photos of people’s kids issue, I don’t find this malicious at all.

    • Cimbomlu says:

      Michael and Carrie – It’s great that you all were able to sightsee and go to chcurh! What a blessing to have someone there that could give you a personal tour! I like the stroller idea. I worry about having to travel there with one, but based on your recommendation, I want to definitely see if there are strollers available near our hotel in our region on trip #1 so we can be prepared to buy one on trip #2. Thanks for the suggestion!By the way, what type of baby carrier do you have?

  23. Kristi says:

    Give this woman until she’s got a multiple kids. I freely admit that while I was alone (husband on camouflage vacation in Iraq for a year) I put my three under-three-year old kids in a two seater Bob stroller. Two in the seats and the oldest on the foot well. They KNEW that if they got out of that stroller they were in big trouble. You want me to get out of the house, go to the store for groceries or shoes for these every growing kids, the park, walk anywhere? Then shut up and let me have my stroller. You parent your kids, I’ll parent mine. And while I’ll have patience with her inexperience, I don’t think the parents of these kids would be so forgiving. A friend of mine has a special needs child that she takes everywhere with her- He is her special helper. But when he gets tired or a bit under the weather (not sick, but not his best) she still brings him along in a stroller. He loves it. Parents do what they have to do to get through the day- this “too big” blog seems like a waste of energy.

  24. Jessica says:

    My only real problem with this site — because people fortunately/unfortunately have the right to say whatever the hell they want — is the posting of the photos. She shouldn’t be posting photos of these people and their children. She’s entitled to whatever opinion she wants to have, but posting the pictures crosses a line. I think that there are definitely kids who really ought to be walking sitting in a stroller. But who cares?? There are also all kinds of legitimate reasons that a kid who looks to big for it really does need to be in a stroller. The thing is that you can’t tell which is which just by looking at someone and it’s a crap move to assume the people she pictures are just lazy, but more than that, it’s a total invasion of their and their family’s privacy.
    Jessica´s last [type] ..In The Presence of Presents

  25. kim says:

    standing up and clapping. thank you. i just saw her site yesterday and thought nothing funny of it at all. i have an 8 year old who physically cannot walk and before we got her wheelchair she looked “too big” for a stroller.
    i get it, she is doing her best to stand out and whatever for her. but her saying all the things she will do when she is a mom is so annoying, i have always said “i was a great mom too before i ever was one.”
    thank you for this post!
    kim´s last [type] ..Surgery Update

  26. Tanya says:

    Thank you so much Shannon!! I am smiling and clapping!!! I like the way you think!

  27. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    Huh, I feel l should speak up as the resident babywearer that while I usually wear my babies, I also LOVE my strollers- yes- “ers” ’cause I have several. And I push my 2 year old and 5 year old in them. So interesting because often I do it for their SAFETY if we are going to be out where walking isn’t the best option for them. And sometimes I do it as a courtesy to others, when out shopping or at a place where kids can get underfoot. And most times I do it because they are my kids, it’s my sanity, and what the heck- whoever heard of judging someone for this? Also- let’s not forget the whole thing about special needs (i have one) (he walks now, but used to not) and age doesn’t matter there. And so on and so on. Shameful.

    Adventures In Babywearing´s last [type] ..Walk tall

  28. Ali says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. It’s not funny. Most of these kids were in theme parks which is NOT a normal situation anyway. And what else isn’t funny is running the risk of losing one of your kids in a crowded place. Or having a complaining child with you because they’ve walked all day. I could go on… I thought the same thing about the kids with the medical conditions too.

  29. karengreeners says:

    The saddest part of this website is that she’s not even funny. If you’re going to be a right bitch on the internet, at least be a funny right bitch.

  30. Aviva says:

    Thank you, Shannon. I love this! I just posted to my own blog, Old Mom, Young Child, a piece about Too Big for Stroller:
    …so I was especially interested in reading yours. AND I find it well-written and spot on. I LOVE this: “… imaginary children are far easier to parent than real ones.” And you’re so right about bullying.

  31. Krista (@kristahouse) says:

    Wow. I am just disgusted at the idea of someone posting pictures of children, mocking them… I try not to judge people and always, ALWAYS, give the benefit of the doubt. You just don’t know their story.

    I’m a momma that had twins and a singleton within 23 months of each other and I depend on my double stroller to keep my kids safe and my sanity intact on outings. I even have a toddler seat for my singleton for when he gets tired of walking. Once I had a young man call me disgusting while I was pushing my big stroller down the street and just for the record, I avoid busy places with my stroller because I do not want to impose on other people. There was only us and this guy on the street, alone. It was totally uncalled for but me being so soft just totally cried my eyes out later that day when I recounted the tale to my husband.

    I hope this woman has children and that they are multiples. It is a blessing, but by gosh, it is freaking hard when you are outnumbered by your kids.

  32. Beth says:

    im finding hard to understand how she hasnt noticed that some of these kids are in strollers designed for kids who are disabled. They are designed for kids from birth to aged 10 or older at times and go in stages. I think it’s ridiculous that she just picks on people and hasnt noticed that actually at times she is posting pictures and mocking kids with disabilities. and sometimes it is easier to put a kid in a stroller, it is most definitely better than losing the child in a busy place such as disneyland which i notice she or someone clearly had a trip their and got most the pictures from there. covering their faces up isnt enough you still need permission from parents to post these pictures she is breaking the law in engand i say somebody report her to the authorities and she who mocks who then. Its not funny its nasty to little kids they dont need pictures of them on the internet because some sad troll has nothing better to do with her life than pick on kids and the ways their parents choose to transport them from time to time. you cant stop parents doing it so why bother.

  33. Nichole says:

    I have a 4 year old that is in a stroller still, I don’t drive and we walk EVERYWHERE! Most of the time we are out and about for over 3hrs, I do not expect my child to walk that long, plus it would take me 3 times the amount of time to get things done. Regardless, it was very hot out the other day so I chose to take public transit to get to the area we were going to for arrends and some women had the nerve to tell me I was traumatizing my son having him in the stroller. First off she is a complete stranger, who I too could be judgemental as to why she a 40-50 year old women is still riding public transit, secondly how is it traumatizing to have a child safely contained in a stroller while doing arrends, such as grocery shopping ect. what am I supposed to do carry 10 bags plus make sure my son does not run into traffic! Its not as if I keep my son in the stroller all day, he gets plenty of exercise. I was just so put off by this comment “traumatizing my son” I can’t get over how rude people can be by putting thier 2 sense in where it does not belong.!

  34. Tauni says:

    This is disgusting!

    My almost 6 year old son still sits in a stroller. Do I get look because of this? Yeah, every now and then. What people don’t know is that my sweet boy was born with a very rare bone tumor in his hip. It took specialist 2 years to finally discover the problem and remove it. Those 2 year damaged his hip greatly. He has since had 3 major hip reconstructive surgeries and been in a spica cast twice. Even though he can walk and run and play like other children, he does it in pain. So, when we have to walk long distances or a lot, I put him in the stroller to save him the pain. His leg gets tired easily.

    To a judgmental outsider like this lady, he looks lazy and we look like bad parents. In reality, he is a little boy trying to live a normal life with a body part that fails him often and causes him pain. We are parents trying our best to make life comfortable.

    Like I said, this blog and this judgmental woman are disgusting!

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