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This Mother’s Day, You Can Find Me In My Mom Cave

By Her Bad Mother on May 6, 2011

I wrote a post the other day at Her Bad Mother about what I really wanted for Mother’s Day – I wrote the post, actually, to accompany a Momversation episode that I did addressing the same issue – in which I claimed that I was a Mother’s Day  curmudgeon and that all I wanted was a day off from motherhood. Then I contradicted myself and said that I wasn’t actually a Mother’s Day curmudgeon and that I didn’t really want a day off from motherhood. Not a whole one, anyway. Obviously, I’m confused.

The whole issue, really, was around finding a balance between finding some time and space for myself while still having my family close enough at hand to be relied upon to provide me with praise and hugs. Which meant, really, that that post should have just been a post about how all I want for Mother’s Day is more stuff for my mom cave. Because, seriously: what is a mom cave if not the perfect solution to the problem of “finding a balance between finding some time and space for myself while still having my family close enough at hand to be relied upon to provide me with praise and hugs”? MY PROBLEM, I HAVE SOLVED IT.

So, yes: this Mother’s Day, I want six hours in my mom cave, with bi-hourly hug visits (extra visits to be negotiated), and these items from my mom cave wish list:

1) The DVD set of the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or the full download from iTunes);

2) A glass jar filled with candy. Licorice All-Sorts, maybe.

3) An e-reader (actually, Kobo just sent me one, after seeing me provoke Twitter into a raucous debate about e-readers the other day. All I did was ask: a) did I, an unrepentant book fetishist, really want one, and b) if yes, then which one should I get, and BOOM, Twitter exploded into debate. There might have been virtual fisticuffs. I had NO IDEA that people were so passionte about their e-readers. NO IDEA. Anyway, Kobo settled the question by just sending one to me. I’ll let you know how I like it once I figure out how to get it out of the box.)

4) A pot of hyacinths (because it’s spring now, and hyacinths are the smell of spring, and I want that smell in my cave.)

5) A pitcher of mimosas (because, duh.)

If I were really feeling greedy, I would also ask for my own tablet device, so that I could lounge around and play games without depriving Jasper of his preshus HI-PAD, and also for a new laptop with more power, the better for me to do video and photo editing and run sixteen bajillion applications all at once (any recommendations, techies?) But I’m not greedy, so I’ll take the Buffy and the candy and the liquor.

Happy Mother’s Day, all!

You can win your own dream cave in Intel Canada’s Build Your Dream Cave contest; you have until May 18th to enter. You’d end up with a totally cooler Dream Cave than mine, and you would have to invite me over. And check out the conversation this week at Intel Canada’s Facebook page for discussion about how techies do Mother’s Day, how mothers do Mother’s Day, and also some stuff that has nothing to do with Mother’s Day, because, you know, this mother stuff gets old sometimes.

About Her Bad Mother

Bad is the new good.


  1. Laura Button says:

    You’re still holding out for a glass jar of candy? I went out and bought one for myself the day after I first read about your brilliant, brilliant desire for a jar of candy on your desk. I’ve had it since the fall, and my partner JUST noticed it last week. I’m going to ask for a re-fill for mother’s day, but the jar stays. Sour cherries, licorice allsorts, and hard candy would do nicely.

  2. CynthiaK says:

    I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the e-reader. I’m a hardcore tactile book girl and love to feel the pages and the weight of a real book in my hands. Buuutttt….I’ve been seeing the efficiency (and space saving) possibilities of an e-reader and I’m maybe coming around…

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    CynthiaK´s last [type] ..Our Fam Jam entry – get ready to giggle!

  3. Lauren says:

    My mom cave will have:
    -Puppies ( but they won’t poo/pee)
    -A massage therapist
    -gourmet chef
    - steam room
    -killer stero system to drown out noise of toddler screeches (probably calling for me to bring juice or snacks, pronto!)
    Lauren´s last [type] ..All I want this Mothers Day

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