Good Dad Tropes: Clean-Shaven Dads Are Good Dads

By on July 20, 2011

Look, I don’t have anything against beards, really. I know that I’ve spilled a few words here about not loving them, but I don’t, like, hate them. Some perfectly wonderful men have beards. Gandalf! Dumbledore! Santa!

That said – and I’m really not trying to suggest a conspiracy or anything here – ever notice that all the good dads on television are clean-shaven?

Ward Cleaver: clean-shaven.

Cliff Huxtable: clean-shaven.

Mike Brady: terrible, terrible hair, but still… CLEAN-SHAVEN.

Mr. Drummond: complete absence of facial hair.

Dan Connor: you get the picture.

Now, I suppose that it must be said that Tony Soprano, Homer Simpson and Al Bundy were also all clean-shaven, and that complicates my theory a little, but still. Where are the bearded dads? I ASK YOU.

No, really: I ask you. Can you think of any TV dads that weren’t clean-shaven? Also: this is totally where I mention the Bic Flex 4 razor, which stands firmly on the side of well-groomed male faces, and also some lady legs, and Bic in general, which has underwritten my exploration into all things stubbly this month. Thank you, Bic!


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  1. Kim says:

    Dad from Family Ties

  2. Mama Bean says:

    homer what? he’s a great dad! :)

  3. Janine @ Alternative Housewife says:

    How about goatees? My great dad and my husband/baby daddy both have facial hair but no beard, and both are lovely enough to let babies tug on it to their heart’s content. :)
    Janine @ Alternative Housewife´s last [type] ..Things I love Thursday – And want now!

  4. Judy says:

    Not bearded, but with mustache(so not clean-shaven in my book) are George Jefferson and Major Dad.
    Judy´s last [type] ..Postnatal Depression: Looking Out For The Signs And Getting Help


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