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Toddler Bad Hair Days

By Shannon on October 4, 2011

So understand that at the best of times, this is my child’s hair.

She’s got this silky fine, superstraight, flighty hair that protests against any and all attempts at styling – and whatever her hair doesn’t actively protest,  the rest of her does. I can’t get near her with a hairbrush, let alone an elastic or clip, without a NO! and little feet running the other way. (Frankly, she disdains most acts of grooming: teeth brushing is a daily struggle, and changing a poopy diaper can be akin to wrestling a wildebeest armed only with baby wipes.)

I know that I could cut her hair in to some semblance of a style (ignoring for the moment that there’s no possible way I could safely approach her with a pair of scissors).  And if she had a cute little kiddie haircut, then I wouldn’t have to be horrifyingly embarrassed every time we leave the house.

And yet… I can’t do it. I can’t cut her hair, not yet. It looks like an unkempt rat’s nest, and yet somehow I’m sentimentally attached to it.  This is that same hair that grew in after the dark newborn baby fuzz fell out weeks after she was born; the last bits, perhaps, of the infant she was. The ends of her hair now are the beginning, if you like, of the long, neverending strands of hair she will grow all  her life.  And I’m not ready to let them go yet. But I’m also not willing to battle her to the ground every morning to put in ponytails that she’ll only pull out 5 minutes later anyway.

So the next time you see a toddler who looks like Nick Nolte, understand it’s not mom being lazy. It’s mom being sentimental. And we’re all guilty of that.

About Shannon

Shannon is a transplanted Nova Scotian who has not lost the ability to dismember a lobster with her bare hands. She worked for years in high tech before becoming a full time mom, which now makes her a complete expert on everything parental (SNORT.) You can find more Shannon info at zchamu.com.


  1. Reid needed ponytails by 6 months. I can’t remember exactly how I managed but I’m sure there were tears and tv shows to induce compliance. I never had her hair cut until she was 1 and then only a trim. Like you, I loved her hair and messiness or drama were worth it.
    Barbara (@OttMomGo)´s last [type] ..Lessons learned at Grandma Camp

  2. Jessica says:

    I didn’t cut my oldest’s hair until she was five – and only then because if it was loose, it was long enough to dip in the toilet; which is just far too disgusting. (Don’t get me started about how much I miss her baby ‘fro.) Luckily, she’s always been completely awesome about me grooming her hair and has let me french braid it almost every day since she started school two years ago.

    My three year old, on the other hand, sounds just like your daughter. She usually won’t let me comb it, and I only managed to get her to sit still and let me cut bangs (so that she could see!) because I told her they’d be just like “Miss Katy’s” hair from that video where Katy Perry is singing with Elmo.
    Jessica´s last [type] ..Infestation.

  3. Rosalia says:

    Shannon, today afternoon I was just feeling very sleepy and going through some sites and just came across your blog post. Nick’s image on this blog post almost made me almost laugh and shook me out of my laziness. Yes, it is tough to manage a toddler’s hair but mothers need to be patient till their hair grows to some length so that they can get the hair trimmed.
    Rosalia´s last [type] ..Recetas para engordar : que comer para subir de peso sanamente