Bad Moms Have Active Kids

By on June 7, 2012

I'm about to run 10K, Matthew and the kids are running/walking the 5.4K with Auntie Jennifer and Caleb. Go, team Dykstra! (Photo credit: @jdykstra)

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Our very own Emma wrote a post over at titled 'Canadian Kids get an F in Activity.' The title alone grabbed my attention, and the content and related links did too. She said that the schools are failing at doing DPA (Daily Physical Activity). She also said this:

A rousing 46 per cent of kids get three hours or less of physical activity per week, only 14 per cent play outside after school. Gone are the days of the neighbourhood hide and seek games, the group bike rides and hours spent skipping.

This honestly surprised me. My kids have P.E. a few times a week, and they do DPA every day. In the fall they would hike or walk, and right now every child (Kindergarten through grade 5) is running a kilometer a day. By June 15th, they will have run 40 KM, and if they ran/walked in this past weekend's ActionFest 5K, they will receive a t-shirt boasting that they've “run a marathon” (42.2K is a marathon).

In addition, my kids are in soccer, my daughter is in dance, and all three of them spend at least an hour or two outside every night. On weekends, we spend even more time in the yard on the swings, the trampoline, riding bikes, or walking the dogs down to the creek.

I'd love to know how it pans out in your part of Canada. Are your kids active? Or do you think they fall into the stats that Emma quoted?

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