This Mom's Badly Out of Touch

By on June 11, 2012

I think I can safely refer to ages 27 to 33 as my own personal current-event dark ages. Every so often I find myself looking at the actual “News” section of a newspaper and puzzling over India's economic decline and the upcoming elections in some tentative new democracy for one, maximum two, minutes before my eyes start to glaze over and I start thinking about what to cook for dinner instead.

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If it isn't Dooce divorce gossip or a Ryan Gosling meme, pretty much, I haven't heard about it. Every second conversation I have with husband begins with, “Did you hear what happened today?” Nope. Still not paying attention.

But I should! And I did. I read the New Yorker for kicks when I was a teenager and I lived and breathed politics and philosophy as an undergrad. Reading the newspaper cover to cover was one of my greatest weekend pleasures. I was informed.

But then I had kids and aside from the occasional job that requires me to read Gawker and watch The Daily Show I am completely out of touch. It is laughably pathetic, in fact, that I find it so hard to digest news if it isn't seasoned with snark and satire. (And we're not even going to touch on my attention span for actual literature today!)

I don't want to blame the kids, though — even if it is entirely their fault, those ceaselessly demanding little buggers. My youngest kid is only nine months old, after all. It'd be a long time before I picked up a paper again if I waited until my kids were all old enough to just leave me alone for a solid hour or so. And that's just too depressing.

But also. I know it's really my fault. I do have time to read the real headlines at the very least. I might not have the intellectual and emotional capacity to process all the news on any given day, but I can always find ten minutes here and there to touch base with the broader world. I should be able to at least say, “Yes, I did hear that happened! Tell me more about it.”

So I'm going to try.

Has parenthood made you out of touch? What is it about procreation that turns our brain to mush, exactly? And will it get better?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I COMPLETELY empathize with this post! As a former journalism major, I used to religiously read the paper every day. Now I can’t even stay awake to watch the Daily Show, which is my only news source. I really don’t think it’s my kid’s fault, though. I mean, I could take advantage of her nap time and read the paper, but instead I opt to stare at my Facebook newsfeed. Over and over again.

    It doesn’t even just stop at current events. I’m totally out of touch with everything related to pop culture. And my beloved first love — the Toronto Blue Jays — used to be fall-back conversation with my husband. Now I don’t even keep up with them. But if you want to know what cute, funny and mundane things my kid did today, I can talk for hours.

    It happened. I’m officially boring.
    Vanessa´s last [type] ..The one-year-old and the rainy day

  2. Michaela Browne says:

    I just created an itunes account! My husband gave me his old ipad when he bought a new one and I’ve decided to take it back from my kids and actually use it!

  3. Gina says:

    Wow, your questions really made me think. I’m pondering why parenthood is such a turning point of our lives. I guess there’s something in it that makes us more emotional and detached from the world.

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  4. Brian McDougall says:

    I think it’s sometimes relative to a certain parent. I don’t think all parents experienced the same thing. Though I must admit that there are really time that I get too mushy gushy. But that’s what makes us human.

    -Brian McDougall
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  5. Julia Payson says:

    I miss you guys!
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