$25 Expedia Promo Code- Look At This Before It Disappears

Expedia promo code are the promotional offer codes which are awarded to people who are registering to the website for the first time. This Expedia promo code offers people to know about the company. For example: A company which is a start up, and online booking site that will develop or generate some movie tickets or stuff like that. During the first few years, every company has to struggle a lot in the market due to the high competition by the previously so called high brands that offer the best deals for the customers.

Let us discuss the coupon code which is a value of $25, this Expedia promo code expires in 82 days.



This promo code is for them who book hotels only. This is not applicable for those who wish to select both hotel and flight ticket combination or flight ticket with car and accommodation. And you should book the hotels through mobile application only, you can prevail this offer if you book through the website link. You can download this Expedia mobile application for different platforms like iOS, android and windows. One should spend minimum amount of $100 to avail this coupon code which is exclusive of taxes, additional costs, and fees. And spending this amount should be done by only one transaction.

Last date for redemption of this coupon code is September 30, 2016, 11:59pm. To travel through this coupon, the bookings must be in between December 17, 2014 to September 30, 2016. One should book a hotel to avail this coupon code is at least for one day.

How to use this code:

  • You must make your hotel booking through mobile application, because this coupon code is designed for only to the mobile application, whatever it may be, from iPhones to iPods, android mobile to tablets, and windows based mobile phones as well.
  • Use the application to search for your desired hotel, it is mentioned because; hotels may start from low price to higher prices. Depending on your budget you can decide to which hotel to stay. And don’t forget about the tentative dates which are provided above for the stay.


  • On the hotel billing page, you can see that one feature that states,”Enter a promotional code or coupon code”. This is a prepaid payment service you will get, and the offer is available to only for the prepaid service. You just need to pay the amount before you go to the hotel in advance.
  • Copy the code which was sent to you via text message. And then paste it in the box where you have seen the statement of enter the promotional code. Once you add the promotional code which you got, you can see the discount being added to the total amount and in the total amount of your hotel booking $25 has been deducted. This $25 deduction is only for the reservation of hotel only exclusive of all taxes, fees and additional charges.

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