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By admin on February 18, 2010

Why a Bad Moms Club? Why not? I mean, aren’t we all bad moms, in a way? Why not celebrate our badness?*

Look, someone, somewhere – guaranteed – thinks that you’re doing something wrong. Whether you attachment parent or free range parent, breastfeed or bottle-feed, co-sleep or cry it out, spank or time it out, homeschool or private school or public school or old skool… somebody, somewhere, thinks that you’re making the wrong choices, and that somebody is probably judging you, right now. So why not just embrace that fact, and just say, whatever. It is good to be bad. Because if the alpha mommies and the sanctimommies and the isn’t-Gwyneth-Paltrow-awesome mommies think you’re doing something wrong? That’s pretty strong evidence that you’re getting something right.

So we thought we’d start a club to celebrate that fact, and to proclaim our solidarity in bad motherhood. Because bad, after all, is the new good.

Bad Moms Club Founders, Presidents and Chief Enlightened Slackers:

Catherine Connors, aka Her Bad Mother, is one of the Internet’s original bad mothers. She’s a recovering academic and an expert diaper-slinger, which means that she can wipe a bum and quote Plato in the original Greek at the same time and not get shit on her fingers. posts by Catherine

Katie York, aka motherbumper, is badder than she looks and never puts lifts in her shoes. She’s secretly married to Viggo Mortensen, but don’t tell anybody, including him. She used to be one of those programmers in the corporate world before running away from the cube farm and joining the parenthood gang. She recently returned to the corporate world but the strange thing is, she still can’t quit her online life. posts by Katie

The two of them have been blogging since before you even knew that Flickr wasn’t just that thing everyone used to do with their lighters at rock concerts. They’re two of the best-known mom bloggers in the Great White North, are totally unashamed about loving bacon, and don’t tolerate jokes about beavers, unless they tell them first.

Bad Mom Writers, Most Definite Enlightened Slackers:

Angella Dykstra, aka reigning monarch of Dutch Blitz, is the wife of one and the mother of three. She’s an accountant by trade but would prefer if we could keep that our little secret. She spends all of her free time writing and taking photos and often ties the two together. She’s proudly Canadian but loves Americans, and not just because they created Target.  posts by Angella

Karen Green, aka @karengreeners, is an internet paratrooper for the Grammar Police by day and domestic goddess by night. She moonlights as a wife and the mother of two small girls for whom she is trying to rid the world of serial commas and the Twitter Fail Whale. She is also the author of the blog, The Kids Are Alright, and thinks that your free-sprited use of apostrophes is neither quaint nor endearing. posts by Karen

Emma Waverman (no aka, just @emmawaverman) is pretty sure that she is a bad mom, as her readers at Embrace the Chaos remind her of that regularly, but they may not mean that ironically. She co-wrote the bestselling family cookbook, Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them when it was clear that her kids wanted to survive on bland food for the rest of their lives. She married her high school sweetheart and has three kids, but will toss a picket from the white fence at you if you ask her that first question that popped into your mind. She spends a lot of time in her kitchen in Toronto, but that is because that is where her computer is. posts by Emma

Rebecca Cuneo Keenan (@rebeccakeenan) has been neglecting her kids to mess around on the internet and work on her blog since 2007. Her hobbies include late-night grocery shopping, stepping on Lego and buckling three kids in and out of car seats over and over again. She then regurgitates it all at Playground Confidential. Of course. posts by Rebecca

Shannon McKarney, aka zchamu, is a transplanted Nova Scotian living in Ottawa who still has ability to dismember a lobster with her bare hands. She worked in high tech for a decade and a half before deciding that diapers and tea parties were far more glamorous. Shannon lived in the UK for two years a decade ago and still pretends she has a British accent whenever she feels like it. She’s been blogging since 2000, and while that early blog has mercifully disappeared from the internet, you can still find her writing at and saving the world at and posts by Shannon

You totally want to be in their club. You know that you do.

*Read more about what it means to celebrate badness at our Philosophy page. Yeah, we call it a Philosophy. With a capital P, even. We take this shit seriously, you know.