Are Hcg Drops Safe?

With summer fast approaching, millions of people are out there on a quest to lose weight. In order to get that dream beach body they’ve always drooled about, people go through extreme measures to get it! From crash diets to intense workout routines, people often go through these supposedly quick and effective methods of weight loss, only to give up from its intensity immediately! That is why the key is to take it slow, and to avoid going through these extreme diets without a professional looking into it. After all, diets and exercises depend on the person’s physical abilities, and you may just end up feeling worse if you follow these methods too quickly!

That being said, there have been other methods as to how to lose weight without the use of diet and exercise. There are medical procedures such as liposuction or tummy tucks in order to get the body they want in no time and without effort. HCG is just one of these medical methods.


What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone produced during pregnancy. This is used to treat those with fertility problems, with supplements and vitamins containing this in order to help with the woman’s fertility in order for them to be able to get pregnant easily. Many people have started doing something called the “HCG diet”, wherein they take supplements containing the hormone, along with extreme calorie restriction from 500-800 calories a day. The supplement can be taken in the form of injections, pills, or sprays, where you are able to purchase it over the counter.

Real HCG Diet Reviews

Now the question is: Is the HCG diet effective? We could say yes, it does. But this is due to the extreme calorie restriction. Everyone knows that the less calories you burn will equal to weight loss. But there is a difference with losing weight healthily, and losing weight to the extremes. With the 500-800 calorie consumption each day, it’s a dangerous thing to do, especially if you are not used to the low intake at first. While HCG is legal by the FDA, only professional caretakers are able to inject it onto you as a way to help with fertility problems. Over the counter supplements with HCG are available, though it is frowned upon and not allowed by the FDA for the risks it may give to those who don’t really need it.


You will be able to search up on more real hcg drops reviews online, from people who have actually tried it. While some do claim weight loss, many have had problems keeping the lost pounds off after the eight weeks of dieting.

In Conclusion

While the HCG diet is effective, it is in no way safe. HCG drops are indeed effective, but only if taken for fertility purposes. It’s best to follow a healthy diet, along with moderate exercise. Instead of having to go through the extremes and lose weight as quickly as possible, it’s best to take it slow. That way, you will have effective weight loss that will stick. Though it will take time, it will definitely be worth it!

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