Carrageenan Natural Ingredient

Carrageenan has been tagged as a suspect for numerous health illnesses such as gastrointestinal problems, colon cancer, liver cancer, birth defects and a lot more. The health ingredient has been put under the spotlight ever since health care advocates claimed that carageenan has properties that can cause abnormalities to the human system resulting to the aforementioned illnesses. As a result, there are some people who have panicked given that carageenan can be found in almost everything that you can find in supermarkets, be it food products, medicines and even skin care products. This only means that their lives are in peril due to too much carageenan intake and exposure. Even though there is still no solid proof or evidence against carageenan’s safety, there are already people who are trying to avoid the said natural ingredient. If you happened to be one of them then here are pieces of information that you will find useful. But every now and then the only question rises in people’s mind is carrageenan bad? or good?


Trying to Live without Carrageenan

  1. You should check the shopping guide released by The Cornucopia Institute wherein a list of specific products that have no carageenan in its various forms are named. This guide can easily help you when doing the groceries so that you will know that the product you are going to purchase is carageenan-free.
  2. Always check the list of ingredients found in the product’s label. However, be wary that the law does not require a list of ingredients when it comes to alcoholic beverages and there are some alcoholic drinks that uses carageenan. Do some research before trying to enjoy a drink on one of these alcoholic beverages.


As I have said earlier, there is still no proof or solid conclusion stating that carageenan is indeed bad for our health. But it is also our freedom to keep safe at all costs that is why it up to you to take advantage of carageenan or not.

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