Bad Parents On The Internet, April 12 Edition

By on April 12, 2012
Oh shit! They found us!

Never fear, my friends: There's always a fantastic and rich selection of bad parents being called out on the internet.  Let's get to it, shall we? There was lots of great news this week about how everything that goes wrong with your child during their entire lives stems directly from what you eat when they're [...]

What A Really Bad Mom In The Kitchen Looks Like

By on April 3, 2012

It's only March but I am willing to call it, and give Dara-Lynn Weiss the worst mother award of the year. The New York mom put her 7-year old on a diet and got her to lose 16 pounds, wrote about it, posed for Vogue, bought her daughter hair extensions and got herself a book [...]

You’re a worse parent than you think! Hooray!

By on October 25, 2011
Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 9.28.34 PM

So thanks to Laid Off Dad, along came this little article in to my twitter feed that listed a mere dozen ways that we’re effortlessly, gleefully screwing up our kids for life.? Life, I tell you! Yes, they’ve gathered child psychologists! Psychiatrists! and OTHER EXPERTS (who’d they call? your mother-in-law?) to come up with this [...]

Would You Spend $75 On A Lunchbox? I Did

By on August 31, 2011

This weekend, I bought my six-year-old daughter a $75 lunchbox. She hadn’t asked for this particular lunchbox, and I didn’t consider it a splurge. But once I was unpacking it and pointing out its features to my friends, I started to wonder – Was I a total chump, or just completely obnoxious? Sheepish as I [...]

Your Junk Is Your Own Problem, Buddy.

By on August 10, 2011

Now hear this: Everything that might be wrong with your husband is your fault. The latest: If you are too friendly with his friends, you’ll make his wiener stop working.  True story, according to some bullshit study in the Globe and Mail and a bunch of other places that says that apparently if you get [...]

Bad Moms Are Totally OK With Someone Putting Sunscreen On Our Kids.

By on July 18, 2011

Every parent knows: There’s good touch and bad touch. Examples of good touch include hugs and snuggles from Mama, using the washcloth in the bathtub to scrub your back, and Daddy grabbing you by the nearest limb to keep you from running out in front of that gigantic mack truck coming down the street. Examples [...]

Bad Mom Bloggers Are Smarter Than That

By on June 28, 2011
mom knows best

Jumping through hoops, working for free, and deceiving their readers — these are three things it seems like mom bloggers are a little bit less willing to do these days. I must admit, it is a trend I like and one I’d love to see go viral. A lot of bloggers get multiple e-mails every [...]

I Totally Look Like This Without Makeup Too.

By on June 14, 2011
The art of falsehoods

Look, world!  Here’s the “real” Angelina Jolie. She’s in her own clothes! She’s not wearing makeup! She is carrying her own six year old handbag! Translation: Wow, this is how good she looks when she really should look like hell. Why don’t you look like this, too? Yes, this afternoon springs upon us yet another [...]

Why Is Your School Asking About My Vagina?

By on June 8, 2011

Did you know that as soon as that scalpel cut in to my abdomen to birth my daughter two years ago, her IQ dropped a total of 46 points? It’s true. She was also going to be born with a natural talent for the piano and a deft hand at sculpting, rivaling that of Michelangelo [...]

Babies And Botox And Why We Bought In To It.

By on May 25, 2011
Beauty Pageant Horror

So first, Kerry Campbell claimed she injected her 8 year old regularly with Botox and gave her bikini waxes so that she would win beauty pageants and be “famous” when she grew up. We were appropriately outraged. Then someone finally called children’s aid and the child was removed from Campbell’s custody. And Campbell swore up [...]

Do Not Poke The Mama Bear. Or Her Stroller.

By on May 10, 2011
Age Limited.

Oh, well this is fun. Laura Miller has started a website. This website is called Too Big For Stroller. It features pictures of children of varying ages being wheeled about in strollers. Many of these children are older than 1 or 2. They are maybe 4 or 5 or even older – ages Laura obviously [...]

Bad Moms Don’t Play These Kinds of Party Games

By on May 9, 2011

She found me in the schoolyard, a few days after all the invitations had been handed out. “So,” she said, smiling, “My son has had his first taste of rejection.” Blink. “Excuse me?” “Well, my son said that the some kids were talking about your daughter’s birthday party, and when Paulie* asked Mischa about it, [...]

Why I Vote

By on April 27, 2011

9,748,546. That is not the balance on my credit card. That, my friends, is the number of eligible voters who did not cast a ballot in the 2008 election.  Almost 42% of us. I guess we decided we had something better to do. We stayed home in droves.  In fact, more people did not vote [...]

Mom The Vote – When Will They Just Shut Up Already?

By on April 26, 2011
Mom the Vote

Subject: Oh , sigh… Karen, I’m sick of mothers who think that their voice is the only one that should be heard or that matters. I chose not to have children and resent that I have to pay for the health, education and care of the kids of mothers who willingly chose to bring them [...]

Mom The Vote – Does Your MP Show Up For Work?

By on April 18, 2011

I don’t know about you, but at my job, I get 20 paid vacation days and 5 paid sick days per calendar year. If I were still on mat leave or a stay-at-home mom, that number would be reduced drastically – like, to zero. So how many days off should our politicians get? How’d They [...]