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Bad Moms Don’t Share Their Drugs With Their Kids

By katie on October 31, 2011
Prescription Medication Spilling From an Open Medicine Bottle

It’s time for another awesome round of  ”Bad Moms Love Guest Posts” – a.k.a. Posts Submitted By Friends of Bad Moms Who Simply Can’t Restrain Themselves From Expressing Their Badness. Please enjoy this post from Corinne, aka @hvbabywilltrvl and founder of Have Baby Will Travel, , this week’s Bad Mom Guest. The Globe & Mail added an anonymous [...]

So You Think You Can Skank

By Shannon on June 28, 2011

OK, look. I know times, they change. I know that the style is no longer 90s grunge, where you wore everything three sizes too big. I know the style is short and sexy. But on children? Who then do suggestive, provocative, emulating-sex-moves-ative dance moves? Why? And yet, this is what they did on So You [...]

Bad Mom Trust Issues: Daycare Caterer Provides Sub-Standard Food To Our Kids

By katie on June 2, 2011
daycare caterer accused of providing poor quality food to children

A story broke this week about a Toronto Daycare Caterer who allegedly lied about food sources, preparation standards, and generally pretty much everything involving the food she provided to 75 different childcare facilities around the Greater Toronto Area. After my initial horror from reading the story, I immediately called my child’s daycare — who provide [...]

Babies And Botox And Why We Bought In To It.

By Shannon on May 25, 2011
Beauty Pageant Horror

So first, Kerry Campbell claimed she injected her 8 year old regularly with Botox and gave her bikini waxes so that she would win beauty pageants and be “famous” when she grew up. We were appropriately outraged. Then someone finally called children’s aid and the child was removed from Campbell’s custody. And Campbell swore up [...]

Mom The Vote – When Will They Just Shut Up Already?

By Karen on April 26, 2011
Mom the Vote

Subject: Oh , sigh… Karen, I’m sick of mothers who think that their voice is the only one that should be heard or that matters. I chose not to have children and resent that I have to pay for the health, education and care of the kids of mothers who willingly chose to bring them [...]

Bad Moms Don’t Think Pink Nail Polish Has This Much Influence

By katie on April 14, 2011

If there is one thing that this Bad Mom can say with absolutely confidence and without the aid of any special research or degree is: painting a young boys toenails pink is not going to give him the ‘gay’ or turn him transgendered. Yet some social conservatives south of the border though that this J.Crew [...]

Boys In The Girls’ Change Room – How Old Is Too Old?

By Karen on April 11, 2011
too old for the changeroom

When friends of ours from London, ON took a recent trip to Toronto, their boys, ages six and three, were ecstatic at the idea of playing in the hotel’s pool. But when their mom, Elaine brought the boys into to the women’s change room to get into their swim trunks, a sign she saw on [...]

Next He’ll Be Asking To Go To The Bathroom

By Shannon on April 4, 2011
Grounds For Suspension. Feel Shame.

So a school in Virginia suspended a 6 year old last month. Did he act out? Shove his classmates? Bite someone? Steal lunches unashamedly? No. It was worse. So much worse. This degenerate child, obviously the product of horrible, neglectful, borderline abusive parents, parents who probably watch reality TV so you know they’re horrible, had [...]

From The Civility, You’re Doing It Wrong Files: Parents Protest Special Needs Child

By Her Bad Mother on March 23, 2011

Stories like this make my heart hurt. A gang of parents lobbying to remove a special needs child from her public school because her needs are interfering with their childrens’ right to… enjoy peanut butter sandwiches? Yes, it’s a child with a peanut allergy – a severe, deadly peanut allergy – which might not sound [...]

So Justin Beiber Doesn’t Believe In Abortion? WHO CARES?

By Her Bad Mother on February 16, 2011

So Justin Beiber is against abortion. Can I ask a rhetorical or maybe not-so-very-rhetorical question about that? SO WHAT? Seriously. People are allowed to have opinions about abortion, even sixteen year old pop stars who know nothing about anything. So I can’t really get agitated about him saying – after being asked specifically about his [...]

Zap That Frown Upside Down

By katie on February 11, 2011

When I was a kid and wasn’t smiling to my mother’s satisfaction in public, she would saddle up next to me and pinch what usually was the back of my arm. No, seriously, she totally did this and no one ever saw her. She was completely stealth and totally like a ninja. Out of thin [...]

Elton John and David Furnish Are Bad, Bad Dads

By Shannon on January 31, 2011

I have to warn you: This post is not for the weak of stomach. It’s just… there are people with SOME NERVE out there. I mean look at this magazine cover. It’s disgraceful. These people, this family, this couple who’ve been committed to each other for 18 years posing brazenly on the cover, showing an [...]

Bad Moms Have Their Limits, And Their Limit Is ‘Toddlers And Tiaras’

By Her Bad Mother on January 17, 2011

Look, I’m not saying this is child abuse… but hell, maybe it is. It’s possible to argue that it’s only one step removed from getting a toddler’s ears pierced, but I don’t know. That child in the video is TRAUMATIZED. And really, brow waxing? A toddler? THE HELL? Bad moms wanna know – what do [...]

Yes, Snooki, You Can Be Too Young To Look “Bangin’”

By Shannon on January 12, 2011
Snookifying the world, 11 year old by 11 year old

I have never watched an episode of Jersey Shore. It is, therefore, extremely disturbing to me that I am fully aware of who Snooki is, that she has a book (which I think is racing the Bieber biography to the top of the nonfiction charts), and that she is the singular embodification of the doom [...]

Why Amazon Is Totally On The Bad Mom Shit List

By Her Bad Mother on November 10, 2010

Cross-posted from ThreeSeven… There’s a pedophilia guide for sale on Amazon. Today, many, many people heard about it. And many, many people complained to Amazon, Amazon responded by refusing to pull the book and stating that they believe that to refuse to sell material they feel is objectionable is censorship. And therefore the book stays available [...]