Bad Moms Know About Pregnancy

By on March 6, 2012

Did you know May is Pregnancy Awareness Month? It's true, here is the press release to prove it. how to win back your ex May is a busy month, Pregnancy has to compete for awareness with National Pet Month and National Masturbation Month.  Did you know that each and every month of the year has [...]

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like A Grenade Launcher

By on November 30, 2011
Gordon Murray/AP

In a disturbing twist on the traditional Santa pics, an Arizona gun club is offering family pictures with Santa ? and a few automatic weapons. Apparently seen as fun for the whole family, the club lets you pose with such Peace On Earth harbingers as a grenade launcher, a machine gun, a rifle on a [...]

Bad Moms Don?t Share Their Drugs With Their Kids

By on October 31, 2011
Prescription Medication Spilling From an Open Medicine Bottle

It’s time for another awesome round of ?”Bad Moms Love Guest Posts” ? a.k.a. Posts Submitted By Friends of Bad Moms Who Simply Can?t Restrain Themselves From Expressing Their Badness. Please enjoy this post from Corinne, aka?@hvbabywilltrvl and?founder of?Have Baby Will Travel, , this week?s Bad Mom Guest. generic cialis price The Globe & Mail [...]

Bad Little Monsters Say Yes To Gaga GooGoo

By on August 3, 2011
We ARE All Born Superstars

How many times have you been trolling the racks at Baby Gap and said under your breath “Screw all these cute little pink dresses, I wish Lady Gaga would design baby clothing. She’d create the kind of baby clothing my daughter needs. Gaga would make baby clothing that screams ‘Outta my way establishment, I WAS [...]

Vintage Bad: Parcel Post Babies

By on July 13, 2011
Surprised Baby

When I was a kid my mother threatened more times than I could count to stuff me in a mailbox and send me to my grandmother’s house when I was misbehaving. My grandmother was not a woman one would want to tangle with and the thought of going via Canada Post sounded like a nightmare [...]

Why Is Your School Asking About My Vagina?

By on June 8, 2011

Did you know that as soon as that scalpel cut in to my abdomen to birth my daughter two years ago, her IQ dropped a total of 46 points? It’s true. She was also going to be born with a natural talent for the piano and a deft hand at sculpting, rivaling that of Michelangelo [...]

Bad Mom Trust Issues: Daycare Caterer Provides Sub-Standard Food To Our Kids

By on June 2, 2011
daycare caterer accused of providing poor quality food to children

A story broke this week about a Toronto Daycare Caterer who allegedly lied about food sources, preparation standards, and generally pretty much everything involving the food she provided to 75 different childcare facilities around the Greater Toronto Area. After my initial horror from reading the story, I immediately called my child’s daycare — who provide [...]

Bad Moms’ Guide To Raising a Socialist

By on May 31, 2011

If you thought you had to take your kids to political rallies and demonstrations to turn them into good socialists, you’re dead wrong. All you have to do is park them in front of the television. “I like Jack Layton,” he said pointing at the big orange signs we passed on the way to school [...]

Would You Stick Around After an Affair?

By on May 26, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about adultery — not in the ‘that would be fun’ way — but in the ‘how would I handle it?’ way. Of course the Sperminator got the ball rolling but a salacious affair at my daughter’s school got me and my husband talking. This particular affair is surprising for it’s [...]

Babies And Botox And Why We Bought In To It.

By on May 25, 2011
Beauty Pageant Horror

So first, Kerry Campbell claimed she injected her 8 year old regularly with Botox and gave her bikini waxes so that she would win beauty pageants and be “famous” when she grew up. We were appropriately outraged. Then someone finally called children’s aid and the child was removed from Campbell’s custody. And Campbell swore up [...]

Cheers Mariah! Bad Moms, Alcohol and Breastfeeding

By on May 17, 2011

According to, Mariah Carey has already had her first visit from Child Protective Services (CPS): Apparently, Child Protective Services came out to the hospital to investigate Carey in response to an anonymous call from someone at the hospital reporting that she was abusing alcohol while breastfeeding Moroccan and Monroe. Cannon explained, “One of the [...]

Do Not Poke The Mama Bear. Or Her Stroller.

By on May 10, 2011
Age Limited.

Oh, well this is fun. Laura Miller has started a website. This website is called Too Big For Stroller. It features pictures of children of varying ages being wheeled about in strollers. Many of these children are older than 1 or 2. They are maybe 4 or 5 or even older – ages Laura obviously [...]

Bad Moms Don’t Play These Kinds of Party Games

By on May 9, 2011

She found me in the schoolyard, a few days after all the invitations had been handed out. “So,” she said, smiling, “My son has had his first taste of rejection.” Blink. “Excuse me?” “Well, my son said that the some kids were talking about your daughter’s birthday party, and when Paulie* asked Mischa about it, [...]

Mom The Vote – When Will They Just Shut Up Already?

By on April 26, 2011
Mom the Vote

Subject: Oh , sigh… Karen, I’m sick of mothers who think that their voice is the only one that should be heard or that matters. I chose not to have children and resent that I have to pay for the health, education and care of the kids of mothers who willingly chose to bring them [...]

Mom The Vote – Does Your MP Show Up For Work?

By on April 18, 2011

I don’t know about you, but at my job, I get 20 paid vacation days and 5 paid sick days per calendar year. If I were still on mat leave or a stay-at-home mom, that number would be reduced drastically – like, to zero. So how many days off should our politicians get? How’d They [...]