You’re a worse parent than you think! Hooray!

By on October 25, 2011
Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 9.28.34 PM

So thanks to Laid Off Dad, along came this little article in to my twitter feed that listed a mere dozen ways that we’re effortlessly, gleefully screwing up our kids for life.? Life, I tell you! Yes, they’ve gathered child psychologists! Psychiatrists! and OTHER EXPERTS (who’d they call? your mother-in-law?) to come up with this [...]

Were You Going to Marry Corey or Bryan?

By on August 1, 2011
Bryan Adams

I got my first real six-string Bought it at the Five and Dime Played it til my fingers bled Was the summer of 69… If you were a Canadian kid growing up in the 80s, you had a teenage-girl-crush on one of two music artists. You were either going to marry Corey Hart or Bryan [...]

Good Dad Tropes: Clean-Shaven Dads Are Good Dads

By on July 20, 2011

Look, I don’t have anything against beards, really. I know that I’ve spilled a few words here about not loving them, but I don’t, like, hate them. Some perfectly wonderful men have beards. Gandalf! Dumbledore! Santa! That said – and I’m really not trying to suggest a conspiracy or anything here – ever notice that [...]

Why The Father of My Children Will Never Have A Beard

By on July 15, 2011

My husband loves his facial hair. Really loves it. Like, he would totally wear a beard, always, because he thinks that it makes him look manly, and more mature, except that I don’t let him, because, beards, ugh. It’s not that have anything against beards qua beards, or facial hair in general. There are some [...]

The Guide To Mother’s Day For Bad Dads And Everyone Else Everywhere

By on May 5, 2011
Mother's Day

Hey, Mother’s Day is this weekend! And while all the Good Moms will smile and say it’s totally OK if you forgot Mother’s Day, or if you’ve booked a golf trip all day, or if her Mother’s Day is being spent at your Mother’s house where she will be subjected to passive-aggressive jabs and jell-o [...]

Bad Moms Don’t Really Care All That Much About The Royal Wedding, Mostly

By on April 28, 2011

Look, I get woken up enough at 3am by my toddler. I don’t need to actually make the effort to get out of bed, just to see a wedding, even if it is Kate and Wills, and even if they are kind of adorable, and even if I do have fond memories of getting up [...]

Tom Hanks Makes Toddlers & Tiaras Tolerable

By on March 11, 2011

Full disclosure: I watch Toddlers & Tiaras. I watch it like it’s my own personal train wreck happening smack dab in the middle of my living room. Honestly most of the parents on that show make me feel so much better about my own parenting mishaps because nothing I have done in the past five [...]

Hannah Montana Ruined A Lot More Than Kids’ TV

By on February 15, 2011
Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus

I really want to snark on this. I really do. It’s so full of snark-opportunity. Billy Ray Cyrus says Hannah Montana Ruined Everyone’s Life! Achy-Breaky-Heart-Mullet-Guy! Trainwreck-bong-smoking-media-moron-daughter! Most-annoying-television-character-in-the-world! You-did-this-to-yourself-idiot! Christ, it’s fish in a barrel!

If Star Wars Geeks Ruled The World…

By on February 3, 2011

… all television commercials – all the car commercials and cereal commercials and toilet paper commercials and Mac commercials (‘I’m a PC’/’I AM YOUR FATHER’), every single one – would be like just this one: I’d accept an Obi Wan or Yoda variation, I suppose. Maybe even something featuring Han Solo. Just so long as [...]

Elton John and David Furnish Are Bad, Bad Dads

By on January 31, 2011

I have to warn you: This post is not for the weak of stomach. It’s just… there are people with SOME NERVE out there. I mean look at this magazine cover. It’s disgraceful. These people, this family, this couple who’ve been committed to each other for 18 years posing brazenly on the cover, showing an [...]

Bad Moms Love Awesome Kids: Aurora’s Supernova

By on January 5, 2011

Listen up kids, here’s how to get in the history books: discover a supernova. Supernovas are star explosions and the first one to find one gets the distinction of being recorded as the discoverer so if you are good at Where’s Waldo, this is how you can get your name etched in history. Take 10-year [...]

Bad Moms Teach Kids Dirty Jokes

By on December 28, 2010

My 5-year-old daughter has developed a fascination with jokes. Like most children her age, her jokes are bad.  Really bad. It’s not that her jokes aren’t funny – although they are not funny, not at all.  It’s that her jokes aren’t jokes. “Mom! Mom!” she’ll say, already breathless with anticipation of her impending zinger. “Have [...]

Bad Celebrity Dads Get (And Give) Earworms, Too

By on December 15, 2010

I’m not ordinarily a huge Christian Bale fan, but when he burst into the theme from the Powerpuff Girls – because it’s his daughter’s favorite show, and is stuck in his head – during this interview, I think that I maybe fell in love with him just a teeny little bit. You can watch it [...]

Bad Moms Know Awesome When They See It

By on November 1, 2010

Okay, seriously. If you don’t laugh – even just a little – at this, then I’m not sure that we can be friends. how to remove genital warts Because although the chest hair is maybe just a teeny little bit disturbing, the overall effect of the chub-legged, be-diapered slow run is EPIC: I don’t think [...]

This Just In: Toddlers Are The New Black

By on October 6, 2010
Image via @vogue_london

Look, I think that this picture is as adorable and heart-melting as the next grown woman, but seriously: shouldn’t we be concerned that Anna Wintour might turn up at the next show with her own Chanel-branded toddler? Then there’ll be a run on daycares and everybody will snap up all the two year olds and [...]