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Bad Moms Wuv Their Wubbies

By Her Bad Mother on November 17, 2010

I told you that I ordered it. I didn’t lie. I love it. I adore it. I wear it every single day, unless I have to go out, and even then I dither endlessly about whether I could maybe get away with wearing it to pick Emilia up from the bus if I had a [...]

Bad Books: P.S. I Hate It Here

By mamatulip on July 5, 2010

How many of you went to camp as a kid? I did. After my parents divorced, my mother sent me to a day camp through the summer so she could work, and I really enjoyed it, for the most part. I loved playing Capture the Flag and singing camp songs (many of which I still [...]

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Bike That Turns In To A Stroller!

By mamatulip on May 3, 2010

Have you ever looked down at your child’s stroller and thought to yourself, ‘Man, I wish this thing turned in to a bicycle’? Check this out – From Taga, it’s a bike – one that you can ride safely with your child – that also doubles as a stroller. It’s the only product on the [...]

And Now I Can't Wait To Go To Church On Sundays

By Shauna Glenn on April 21, 2010
It looks like a purse but is actually Mom's Best Friend

One of the hardest things about motherhood is all the crap you have to lug. There's the diaper bag and the stroller and your purse and…oh yeah, THE BABY. There is no more “running in the grocery store for a quick sec.” Now it's a Broadway Production complete with Migraine Headache. It's awesome. I've been [...]

Bad Moms Dream Of Chocolate Tyrannicorns

By Her Bad Mother on April 17, 2010

It's a tyrannicornus rex! A unisauruscorn! An awesometasticornus! Made out of CHOCOLATE! write my essay Hand-delivered by the Easter Velociraptorchaun in a basket woven from the gold found at the end of the rainbow. Don't tell your kids. . . . Where do I get one? Because, seriously. source jfdghjhthit45

Bad Moms Love Diapers (No, Really)*

By Her Bad Mother on April 12, 2010

And now a word from one of our sponsors… If you’re pregnant, or just had a baby – and you’re Canadian (ed. note: yes! a contest that is, finally, for Canadians!) – you’ll want to be part of our HUGGIES “Happy Healthy Baby” party, sponsored by Huggies, Playskool,, and Heritage RESPs!   Have a house [...]

Bad Moms Like Cupcakes, Even Ones With Brain Slugs

By katie on January 26, 2010

Yes, cupcakes, with Brain Slugs (Futurama anyone? I used to have time to spend on watching those shows before I had a baby). Not real ones, but still. Oh hell, I'd still eat these cupcakes even if the slugs were real because brain slugs can't possibly do any more damage than the sleep deprivation due [...]

No Kicking Penguins: Bad Moms Like Good Kids That Do Good Stuff

By katie on January 26, 2010

A young Canadian boy from Newfoundland drew a picture that became the 'official policy in Antarctica' for a British research facility in the South Pole after the image becoming popular  on the web. This right here is an excellent example of the positive power of internet. The boy, who is in grade two, and autistic, [...]

Sleeping Beauty Never Sounded So Good

By katie on January 22, 2010

In my opinion, remakes of popular movies usually suck. I mean, why try to perfect or modernize something already successful? But there are exceptions and the following remake sounds like one, albeit one that I maybe won't be able to take my kid to: Tim Burton is rumored to be remaking Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

This Bad Mom Loves The Movies of 2009

By katie on December 29, 2009

Holy crap, we're headed into the final stretch of 2009. How did that happen? Anyway, what this means is… this week is all about one thing: 2009 RETROSPECTIVES FOR THE WIN! Today I'm talking about movies. Movies I rarely get to see in the optimal format — the big screen — because no one will [...]

Go Speed Racer

By Her Bad Mother on December 28, 2009

Remember that super-awesometastic weaponized turbo-stroller that we featured the other day? That was a little impractical. I mean, you're not really going to take that kind of thing to the playground, unless you live in a post-apocalyptic dystopia ruled by evil aliens wherein the only playgrounds are littered with grenades and populated by mini-robot-bullies who, [...]

Last Minute Shopping Ideas (Or, More Accurately: Stuff I Want)

By katie on December 21, 2009

Why is it that when I'm out shopping – or, to be more accurate, shopping online – for gifts for other people I end up finding a thousand cool things for myself? Stuff that I look at and go, OMG that is so totally me but must resist purchasing because, hello, I'm shopping for other [...]

For When Naptime Isn’t About Sleeping

By katie on December 10, 2009

Was there a room or a piece of furniture or an objet d'art in your home growing up that all children were forbidden to even touch without adult blessing and this rule was enforced using threats worse than reform school? One of my friends had a living room so sacred and so totally not kid-friendly [...]

Festivus: Something For The Rest Of Us (Or, Oh Crap, Is It That Time Of Year Again?)

By katie on December 8, 2009

Confession: I'm incredibly disorganized at the holidays, specifically the ones that hit in December. At this point my Christmas and Festivus cards aren't sent (or even purchased), gifts — even for those who live far away and require one month mailing windows — haven't been selected, oh hell, I don't even know who I'm buying [...]

Bad Mom Wants Bad Ink (Start ‘Em Young, Ladies)

By katie on December 7, 2009

My daughter is obsessed with my tattoo. It's kinda cute how she tries to wash it off my back when we share a bubble bath. It's like she's channeling her grandmother (my mom). I can almost hear the clucking tongue of disapproval. Anyhow, my daughter doesn't really disapprove of my tattoo (sorry mom), she thinks [...]