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Top 5 Reasons I Love My E-Reader

By Karen on April 5, 2011

Although I had always thought of myself as a bit of a book purist, I woke up one morning last December quite positive that I wanted an e-reader.  My husband, thrilled at the prospect of not having to think up a birthday present for me on his own, obliged, and a few weeks later I [...]

Bad Moms Read: The Good, The Bad and the Hairy

By BOREDmommy on September 7, 2010
Scaredy Squirel

I LOVE a good children’s book. Years before I ever had kids, or a husband, I would buy my favorites knowing that one day, my little people would need some good bedtime stories. Luckily, my children share my love of books and reading. We read together all the time, share stories every night and it’s [...]

Bad Moms Go Back To School

By BOREDmommy on August 24, 2010

My six year old goes back to school in exactly two weeks. I’m not exactly thrilled. I’m actually kind of wishing I could go back to when the babe was too young for school.  Sadly, my time traveling skills are a little rusty at the moment. Instead, I choose to give the whole thing the [...]

Bad Little Golden Books Are Awesome

By Her Bad Mother on July 7, 2010

You want to know how to know if you’re really a bad mom, in the best possible sense? You think that messing with Little Golden Books – they of such classics as The Poky Little Puppy – by giving them, say, a Big Lebowski/Terminator/Godfather work-over is hysterical. Like, really, really, bust-a-gut freaking funny. You wouldn’t [...]

Senor Caca Is Not On Our Reading List

By katie on March 30, 2010

Sometimes I read an article and think that it cannot be possibly true. Someone, I tell myself, must be pulling the Internet's leg because something this ridiculous cannot exist. Take, for instance, this post on creepy children's books. I had to verify that some of these texts are actual published works,  and much to my [...]

Reading Rainbow: The Next Generation

By katie on March 23, 2010

LeVar Burton wouldn't lead us astray via Twitter would he? Because a few days ago he announced that Reading Rainbow 2.0 is in the works. Which is cool. I guess.

2020 Vision: Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

By katie on January 12, 2010

What do you get when you ask a bunch of kids to tell you what the world is going to be like in ten years? A lot of freaky but realistic stuff and a huge dose of creepiness, that's what. A group of children, ages 13 and under, were asked to predict the not-so distant [...]

Well, It’s Better Than ‘Pat The Brown Bunny’, Isn’t It?

By katie on November 24, 2009

Sure, it took until after I had read Goodnight Keith Moon in its entirety twice to figure out this was a parody and not a cautionary tale for potential groupies (every girl has to dream) but I sure as all hell will never read the original Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown the same way [...]