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In Case You Missed The Finale Of Lost, And/Or Just Really Think That Kate Would Be More Likeable As A Cat…

By Her Bad Mother on May 25, 2010

Confused about Lost? Watch the video below. It explains everything. (Actually, it doesn’t. Cats can’t carry backpacks, and although I’m sure that they can carry out a long con – I’ve been the mark of a many a feline long con myself – I’m also sure that they couldn’t detonate a nuclear bomb or figure [...]

Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls. Or Do, And Then Go Into The Light. RIP, Lost.

By Her Bad Mother on May 24, 2010

Do I need to say ‘SPOILER ALERT’ if I begin this post with the words oh my god I cried and cried and cried? Because, I did. I cried. And then I cried some more. And then I sobbed outright, and my husband said to me this morning, ‘so, I heard you crying. Did they [...]

Babies Love Lost, Because, Duh.

By Her Bad Mother on May 22, 2010

The video embedded below is required viewing if you are a parent and you love Lost. So, that means you. Watch, or be consumed by the Smoke Monster… . . . (Lost ends forever tomorrow WHAAAAAAAAH!)

LOMGST! Wild And Crazy Theories On That Whole Mother Thing Edition!

By Her Bad Mother on May 18, 2010

Regarding last week’s episode of Lost, which carries us into the LAST REGULAR HOUR-LONG PRE-FINALE EPISODE tonight (*fans self*): I don’t even know. My mind was blown. To PIECES, it was blown. So, yeah. I’m not the person to come to if you’re looking for theories. Theories, I do not have them. Questions, however, I [...]

If The Muppets And The Dharma Initiative Joined Forces…

By Her Bad Mother on May 11, 2010

… and attacked the Lost production team, it would be so many light years beyond awesome that you could probably launch yourself into an alternate parallel universe just thinking about it. (Don’t try that at home, though. At least, not without supervision of a physicist and maybe also a Time Lord.) This is just so [...]

LOMGST! (OMG They Killed Kenny! Edition)

By Her Bad Mother on May 5, 2010

And by Kenny, I mean… (Spoilers!) (Seriously!) (If you haven’t watched it yet – and if you haven’t, what is wrong with you? – really, take it from me, YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE END OF THAT SENTENCE.) (You really, really don’t.) (I’m not joking.) (For really reals I’m not.) (Don’t slam the [...]

LOMGST! Is On Tonight! Get Your Thinking Caps On!

By Her Bad Mother on May 4, 2010

So. There’s a new episode of Lost tonight, which is both good news and bad news. Good, because, duh: LOMGST! Bad, because duh: LOMGST is almost over! I actually don’t mind so much that we had a bit of a break between episodes – my brain was starting to get really hurty, and the breather [...]

Hurley + Cupcakes = AWESOME

By Her Bad Mother on April 26, 2010
hurleys cupcake

In case you needed more reasons to love Jorge “Hurley From Lost” Garcia – which, face it, you don't – here's a pretty damn good one: his tutorial in the best way to eat cupcakes. oem software (Emilia watched as I scrolled down the page through the photos of the cupcake and hollered, “THAT'S THE [...]

LOMGST! Bad Moms Want More Bad Cop Sawyer, Etc

By Her Bad Mother on April 21, 2010

I’ve had nothing to say about Lost for the last two weeks because, seriously. It’s frying my brain. FRYING MY BRAIN. I sit down to formulate questions and theories and quippy one-liners and there’s this little electrical fizzle as the wires in my head short out and so I just go, ah, f*ck it, and [...]

LOMGST! Bad Moms Love A Good Package

By Her Bad Mother on April 1, 2010

Really, Lost? The Package? How is one supposed to not snicker every time one sees that title? Or am I the only Lost fan out here with the sensibilities of a twelve year old boy? I'm not a big fan of Sun and Jin. I mean, I have nothing against Sun and Jin – they're [...]

Bad Moms Love Lost. Also, Guyliner.

By Her Bad Mother on March 25, 2010

I don't know about you, but I was really glad that this week's Lost finally – FINALLY, after years of stringing us along – answered the question that we were all dying to know the answer to…

Bad Moms Love Lost But They Would Never Smash Lighthouse Mirrors Or Make Fake Monster Babies

By Her Bad Mother on February 24, 2010

This week on Lost: Crazy Feral Claire is crazy! And feral! And has an axe! Also: Jack's life is – wait for it! – different in Sideways World, and also, there's a lighthouse! Spoilers ahoy…

Bad Moms Love Lost, And Locke, And Locke In Love, And Also Sawyer

By Her Bad Mother on February 18, 2010

This week's episode of Lost – which featured the sideways-world (OtherWorld? AlternaWorld?) story of John Locke – was awesome, but still. I'm a little bit worried about this whole alternate reality – if that is, in fact, what it is – thing. I mean, is this all going to turn out like that horrible Gwyneth [...]

Bad Moms Love Lost, But Totally Don’t Know What The Hell Is Going On, OMG

By Her Bad Mother on February 11, 2010

I've been sick. Like, Island-infection-dip-me-in-the-Temple-hot-tub sick. So sick that I've barely been able to raise my head to slurp my Benylin DM, but not so sick that I couldn't watch Lost. And I'll say this: Lost makes a little more sense when you're hopped up on meds. Not enough to be comprehensible, but still. Every [...]