Does Propranolol Cause Liver Damage

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50 Cent Shows Dads Everywhere How It’s Done

By Her Bad Mother on September 17, 2010
fiddy tweet

This is some really excellent parenting right here, people (NSFW language alert): Read and learn, you guys. Read and learn. Source.

File This Under Things I Never Thought I’d Say: I Like Kourtney Kardashian Ever Since She Became A Parent And Admitted Tasting Her Own Breastmilk

By katie on February 12, 2010

Kardashian. Not a name that I'd ordinarily associate with respect, but I've got to say: since Kourtney Kardashian became a mom this past December, I've reached deep into my skeptical soul and found some respect for her.** **Disclaimer: This applies to Kourtney only. The other Kardashians? Not so much. It all started with her screaming [...]

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Bad Tweets: It’s Hard Out There On The Playground

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From Stefanie Wilder-Tayler's hysterical Twitter feed. (Got a lead on a hot bad mom tweet? Your own, or someone else's? Share it and we might feature it as a Bad Tweet.)

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