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Bad Moms Admit Exhaustion

By Shannon on August 15, 2011
Screaming toddler

Three two year olds. Three days. One roof. Are you reaching for the wine yet? (Which, by the way, my toddler demanded at dinner the other night. Looked right at the waitress and said, “I need more wine!” Epic parenting fail.) We retreated to a cottage for the weekend with friends who have two year [...]

Is what you want, always what you want?

By Shannon on May 17, 2011

I settle in, coffee at easy reach right next to hand, lemon-cranberry scone at the other. Window seat at the local Starbucks, sponging off the ‘free” wifi which comes only in exchange for paying their ludicrous prices for a cuppa. 70s funk wafting through the speakers. Laptop fully charged, creative juices more or less poised. [...]

It’s OK, Your Gender Preference Has Scientific Merit

By Shannon on April 25, 2011
Two Girls

This just in: families with two girl children come out on top in the happiness lottery. Yes, it appears to be true, says a study out of the UK this fine morning: When families of all child-arrangements, boys, girls, one child, many children, a veritable lottery of child picks are surveyed, the families that seem [...]

Bad Moms Get The Cold Shoulder

By Shannon on April 18, 2011
Rubber Boots and Toddler Hugs

Yes, we are those parents who ditch the kids with Grandma in order to go have fun by ourselves. Yes, I know there are plenty of parents who don’t leave their kids with anybody until they’re 16. Yes, I know that there are plenty of parents who”ve never spent a night apart, never left anybody [...]

Bad Moms Need To Lock The Dang Doors

By Britt on March 2, 2011
lock the door

I very rarely close the door when I use the bathroom. Like most mothers I know, I accepted that my privacy mostly disappeared the day I had a room full of strangers huddled between my legs while encouraging me to push something out of my body. What little sense of propriety I had left was [...]

Bad Moms Love Sick Babies

By Britt on February 15, 2011
sick kids

My daughter is now, after three days, beginning to get over some fever-cold-random-virus sickness. I have to confess that she is kind of adorable when she’s sick.  I also have to admit that she doesn’t get that from me. I wouldn’t want to be around me when I’m sick.  I’m whiny and demanding and desperate [...]

They Don’t Tell You You’ll Lose Your Edge

By Shannon on February 7, 2011
Persona non grata.

I might be a bad mom, but I’ve totally gone soft. I used to swear by True Crime TV. Law and Order in all its flavours. CSI in all its locales. And Criminal Minds, that one-step-removed-from-torture-porn series with all the cutie FBI agents, was a weekly ritual (Ha. Get it? Ritual, like serial killers have [...]

From The Basement: What If I Told You I Loved You?

By Her Bad Mother on February 3, 2011
woman in confession

Posted by Anonymous. This all started 20 years ago I met a cocky big mouth extremely good looking guy that I had watched grow up before my eyes into a startling handsome man we dated a few times and I spent a lot of time at his parent’s house (where he lived at the time) [...]

Bad Moms Don’t Notice Their Kids Are Smart?

By Britt on February 1, 2011
The face of a genius?

It was obvious very early in his life that my first child was a genius. The kid was turning his jigsaw puzzles upside down to give himself a new challenge when he was two.  He was reading when he was three and trying to figure out how to construct a solar-powered car from old office [...]

Bad Moms Refuse To Buy Good Toys

By Britt on January 4, 2011
Kicking it Old School

The gift giving season is officially over for the next few months in my house. Thank God. Now that it’s over, I can tell you what a jerk I’ve been. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we really scaled back on how many presents we bought our kids for Christmas this year.  (And, [...]

Bad Moms Let Their Children Fend For Themselves In The Morning

By Britt on November 30, 2010
school day mornings

You guys, I am a genius. I have solved parenting. I could probably put what I have figured out into a book and sell it for millions and millions of dollars, but instead I am giving it to you.  For free.  Because what’s the point of a Bad Moms Club if we can’t all share [...]

From The Basement: Your Brainwashing Has Failed!

By Her Bad Mother on November 19, 2010

Posted by Anonymous. Its 11:23 p.m. I’ve spent all day, and most of the evening preparing for my son’s birthday. You joined me at the store only because you seen I had done my hair. God forbid anyone hit on me, right? It’s been five years, and I hate you. I utterly detest you. In [...]

Bad Moms Don’t Miss Their Kids

By Britt on November 15, 2010
i love my family - i just don't miss them

I have a confession to make: I very rarely miss my kids when I’m out of town. I am not that mom who is eager to get back home or who is always calling to make sure everything is OK while I’m away.  I’m the mom who assumes that someone will call if there is [...]

Bad Moms Practice Healthy Living. Mostly.

By Britt on November 9, 2010
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a food Nazi.  I am positive there is HFCS in my house and hormones in the meat my children eat.  But I do try to mostly encourage healthy eating in my household. penis growth guide We stock our kitchen with fruits and vegetables.  My kids are [...]

From The Basement: Gutless

By Her Bad Mother on November 4, 2010

Posted By D. Once again you were busted. The funny part is, I knew already. I knew her number where she lived and her name. All the while you thought I knew nothing at all. Do you really think I am that stupid? I guess you do, and that is a shame. I knew about [...]