Mom Jeans: We Have Your Solutions Right Here

By on June 11, 2010

Good news, you guys! We now know what mom jeans are! MamaKaren tipped us off to this post, which explains, in detail, and with pictures, exactly what makes a mom jean. (Apparently, the defining feature of the mom jean is that it creates the illusion of ‘long butt.’ The placement of pockets is – and, [...]

Bad Moms Wanna Know: Should Our Girls Shake Their Groove Thangs?

By on December 1, 2009

The ladies at Jezebel think that this Gap commercial – featuring the dance stylings of a horde of be-sweatered pre-tweens – is maybe a little on the disturbing, junior Pussycat Doll side. We say… well, we don’t know what we say.

Come Along And Sing A Song And Join The Jamboree! (B-A-D. M-O-M. S-C-L-U-B!)

By on November 22, 2009

Oh, hey! HELLO. Welcome to our club! The Bad Moms Club. Everyone's allowed. Mostly. (Yes, boys too. Dads are, after all, the new moms.) Are you pretty sure that you're bad, but, like, in a good way? Then come on in!