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They say a smile is the most infectious thing in the world. It spreads like fire and brings an instant glow to the face of the person smiling. There is no easier way to spread positivity and warmth than smiling and boy, isn’t it the easiest action? Also, a frown requires more muscles than a smile.The list of positives to smiling is endless but what is it that really makes a smile as beautiful as it is? Believe it or not, our teeth play an extremely important role in giving us the confidence to smile. A flawless neat line of molars can make a smile a million times more captivating and magical. But what about those who aren’t blessed with a perfect set of teeth? Don’t they deserve to flaunt their smiles confidently? Thankfully, the world of dentistry has devised many ways to solve dental problems and enhance techniques of dental care. One of them is dental implants and it is one of the key procedures which helpin restoring the confidence of a person who is suffering from serious dental problems.Dental-Implantsa

Often, when natural teeth undergo decay or have to be removed for a reason, the immediate option that is adopted is replacing the lost teeth with prosthetic teeth. No prosthetic can be fixed without a support that acts as an interface with the bone and this is exactly the role that a dental implant plays. It supports the prosthetic teeth and is made of materials like titanium or ceramics which fuse with the bone, thus making the process entirely biological. Basically, it is like an anchor that works behind the scenes and holds the ship in place. The fusion between the bone and the implant is termed as osseointegration and the process is so strong that it can support the load for years without giving way.

Dental implants require a thorough planning and it varies from patient to patient, subject to his/her dental condition and the basic structure of the teeth, bones, jaw and membranes. This planning is then given a concrete shape in the form of a guide which gives the dentist a clear picture about the exact positioning of the implants. The guide is made of acrylic and is a replica of the proposed model of implants. Implants generally withstand most external factors but poor oral hygiene, diabetes and smoking are known to have lasting damage on the gums and increase the risk for peri-implantitis, which subsequently shortens the life-span of the implants. When placing implants, the usage of bone building drugs is common.

A detailed analysis of the potential applications of forces while a patient bites, chews or uses his/her jaws is essential during an implant. Implants do not possess a periodontal ligament which means that the forces increase exponentially when one bites. This means that the implants should be designed in such a fashion that they distribute the forces correctly on the supporting prosthetic structure. Any lapse on that part will result in the collapse of the implants and bridgework and can even result in the loss of bone. The main challenge to be acknowledged here is that the implants should replicate the work of a natural set of teeth in real-time. It has to duplicate every dental function flawlessly and mirror the feeling that one gets when using natural teeth. The surgery is performed after careful planning on the CAD/CAM software and some complex cases even demand the use of CT scans for more clarity. The specific steps involved in placing the implants include soft tissue refection, high speed and low speed drilling, placement of the implant and tissue adaptation.  The first six months after implantation involves the growth of bone tissue and this provides stability and longevity to the entire structure.Skincare-Headers-4-27-770x3271

There are many options for dental implants UK cheapest of which will be discussed below. Such surgeries can cause a massive dent in the wallet, which is why it is important to analyze every single option and strike the correct balance between the cost and quality. Some of the trusted centers in London which charge nominally are DentaPrime, Dentale, Dental Implants Liverpool, etc. Among these, DentaPrime is the cheapest, offering procedures at 480 pounds but Dentale has built a reputation for impeccable quality. Known for their planning, they insist on face-to-face consultation before any action is taken. They are reputed for their practice of involving a training doctor during every procedure in order to impart practical knowledge to the beginners. The course mentor is responsible for the actual procedure and has decades of experience in the field. In addition to this, the dental nurses are well-equipped to assist the doctor in every way and also provide the customer any help and support along the way. In fact, the Shrewsbury and Bristol clinics offer free consultations for those who seek treatment and one can book an appointment by visiting the official Dentale website.

The pricing is clearly broken down for specific procedures and the individual costs are also mentioned on the website. They also point out the fact that not every procedure mentioned is applicable to the patient and that only the required ones will be carried out as per the medical condition. However, a general overview of the pricing is as follows:

  • Single Implant – 1300 pounds
  • 2 Tooth Bridge – 1650 pounds
  • 3 Tooth Bridge – 2925 pounds
  • Lower Over Denture – 2250 pounds
  • Upper Over Denture – 4050 pounds

These costs are inclusive of all procedures such as consultation, implant, abutment and denture.

Dental implants are like a boon for those who yearn to look at themselves in the mirror and smile confidently without having to worry about their teeth. While this option has opened vistas for many suffering from serious dental problems, it should be treated as a last resort. The importance of good oral hygiene must be emphasized from the beginning and every child must be taught about perils like cavities and decay. We often take for granted the important role that our teeth play and this tendency must be nipped off at the bud. After all, isn’t prevention better than cure?

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