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Ever since the smartphone platform became so popular, there has been an immense rise in the software development for the platform. This includes the many new apps that are launched targeting different users. While many apps exist for the same functionalities, there are many unique apps as well. So let’s talk about one such unique application. Everyone enjoys streaming content on their mobile devices. And so there are plenty of apps that provide access to content on the go. But these apps usually charge a fee for these services. For instance, many apps need you to subscribe to their services by paying upfront or otherwise.

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Free to Watch

So let’s talk about MovieTube, a rising star in the category. MovieTube allows you to stream content for free. It boasts an immense collection of movies, TV shows and even music. It also includes animated movies. The app allows you to set favourites. It also gives recommendations based on your preferences. The app also boasts of availability of content in various languages including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi. The content is updated regularly too. The streaming quality can be changed based on your preferences and browsing speeds. The app itself is fine. The interface is simple and the designs are pretty basic and kept to a minimal. The app doesn’t require you to register at all. All features aside, the app does show errors frequently and sometimes, stops working altogether. But with a new update, the developers claim to have resolved the issue.



The app is available on Android and iOS. Although it is unavailable on the Play Store and the App Store. And so, it needs to be downloaded from its own website. But the process is hassle free and the website gives you stepwise instructions to do so.

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