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Funeral Services In Singapore

Proper funeral services have always been an integral part of Singapore social life. A death does not signify the exit of a person’s life from the family. There always remains a never ending relation between the live and the dead. Therefore, a gathering to pay homage to the deceased can play a vital role in memorizing his life in hearts of his closed ones.

The easiest way to organize a funeral in Singapore is to hire an experienced Funeral Director to take care of all the funeral rites. There are many organizations providing the services so that you don’t face any difficulty during the service. However, there are some points you need to take care of:


  • If the death has occurred in a hospital, contact the hospital administration and secure the Death Certificate along with the Cause of Death.
  • If the death has occurred at home, call the doctor and/or police wherever needed and secure the Certificate of Cause of Death.
  • Hire a Funeral Director and Register the Death at any of the Police Post(NPP) or the following address:

The Registry of Births & Deaths
3rd floor, ICA Building,
10 Kallang Road (S) 208718
Tel: 6391 6100

Also to Register the death of the deceased, you need to have the following documents:

  • Death Certificate along with the Cause of Death
  • Identification of the deceased and the reporter i.e., NCIR/Passport/Birth Certificate/FIN card

At funeral services Singapore, you can avail different packages of services fulfilling your requirements and budget. We offer proper funeral services for different religions. All of services and rites to be performed will be duly taken care of. Separate packages are available for Catholic, Chinese, Buddhist and other funeral services, they also organize casket services and Non religious funerals. We believe in providing a professionally organized funeral with due respect for the deceased and condolences for the bereaved The performance of a rightful funeral service transforms the deceased into an ancestor of the family and to bid a proper adieu to the person is also important so that he never loses a place in the hearts of his family and friends.

Contact the funeral services to lighten your burden and ensure that all the funeral rites are performed under the guidance of a experienced and honest Funeral Director. Whether you need a simple or an elaborate funeral service, you can freely rely on the funeral services singapore. All the funeral specialists are professionally trained and all the customs of the local community will be guided all along the way and you would be elaborately provided with any of the advice you need.

Being the majority of the Singapore population Chinese, early Chinese funerals were viewed as a demonstration of piety but we believe that it is more of a ritual to show love and respect for the deceased. However, we also suggest the funeral rites to be simple and peaceful so that the sorrow of the family can be alleviated amongst their close ones.

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