Futons-The Dual Purpose Innovation

It is no secret that the multi-billion dollar industry of interior designing and home decoration is a constantly evolving one. Customers yearn for new designs and ideas and one simply cannot stick to the same decoration ideas that worked decades ago. Right from furniture to paint designs, change is the only constant, much like the fashion industry. However, some things never grow old simply due to their irreplaceable antiquity. One such example is that of a futon; a bedding set that redefines comfort and simplicity. Originating from Japan, it consists of a quilted bed mattress that can be laid on the floor.


It consists of a fabric exterior while the inside is stuffed with cotton or wool. The highlight of this portable bedding set is that one can always fold it away during the day and free up valuable space in the room. This feature transforms into a boon when one has to host multiple guests and the number of beds fall short.

There is also a Western version of a futon which has stark differences when compared to its Japanese counterpart. It is basically a piece of wooden furniture that can be configured to take the shape of a couch or a bed, depending on one’s requirement. The entire set comes with attractive cushions and mattresses that can be customized. To top it all, even the fillings can be customized to eco-friendly options like wool or felt, for those who are environment conscious.


A futon is an ingenious innovation which goes on to show that home decoration ideas are not always aesthetically oriented. It epitomizes optimization of space and is a must in every home. Various trusted websites like Amazon, eBay, Pepperfry, etc. have futons for sale at the most nominal prices. In fact, this dual-purpose furniture is even cheaper than a regular sofa or couch. So when are you adoring your house with one of these?

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