Golf And The Best Gold Coast Golf Courses

Touted as one of the most precise games that exist, golf is one such ball game that does not have a standardized playing area. Its rules consist of players using clubs to hit the ball into a series of holes using as few strokes as possible. Having a much debated origin, the history of this fascinating game may be unclear, but it has become an extremely popular game now. Played on a magnificent green golf course, this game requires lots of attention, impeccable aim and precision. Playing a sport is always an art, but understanding and playing golf requires an extra dose of patience due to the mechanics involved.

Delving into the rules of the game, the game is played on a course having either 9 or 18 holes. The difficulty level is varied by introducing different grass levels and each round generally consists of 18 holes to be played in order. The game’s objective involves successfully landing the ball in the hole with minimum number of strikes. One can use a tee for initiating the first shot, where a tee is a peg used to maintain the ball at a small height of a few centimeters. This first shot is critical and the player is expected to cover a large distance with this shot.


Golf clubs are used to hit the ball and each club has a grip at one end while the other end consists of a club head. Longer clubs propel the ball by a larger distance while the shorter ones are used for close range shots. There are 3 basic types of golf clubs: wood, iron and putter of which woods are for large distances, irons for shorter distances while putter is an evolution of iron wherein it can be used to roll the ball into the hole. A cross between woods and irons called hybrids are used to procure a higher angle during launch and lesser chances of mistakes.

A golfer can keep a maximum of 14 clubs in his bag during a round and a tee is allowed only for the first shot unless one wants to replay the first shot. As far as golf balls are concerned, they are spherical and usually white in colour. Its aesthetic appearance involves small dimples that increases aerodynamic drag on the ball and turbulence which in a layman’s terms helps the ball fly farther along the course. The golf shoes are designed in such a manner that they contribute to the improvement of traction, thus allowing more accurate shots. In fact, the metal or plastic spikes on the shoes serve this very purpose.

Golf championships have been ruling the sports arena for decades as extremely prestigious events and we have countless luminaries who have conquered this subtle yet difficult sport. Held since 1860, we have champions like Rickie Fowler, Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and many more who rule the roost when it comes to golf. Golf is certainly not a piece of cake and mastering it needs professional guidance. And for this very purpose we have golf courses all over the world who make it their priority to bring out the best in their candidates.


If we were to look into the various Gold Coast golf courses, we can easily identify top contenders like Palmer Gold Coast, Burleigh Golf Club, Emerald Lakes Golf Club and so on. Palm Meadows Golf Course and the Glades Golf Club have impressive, fancy websites along with complete detailed information about their latest events and membership deals. To add a cherry to the cake, they also provide attractive gift vouchers and discounts. And one can take up membership without thinking twice because these top golf clubs have been providing stellar services for nothing less than 2 decades.

Every sport has its intricacies and one can only marvel at the skill of the talented individuals who master these sports. However, golf has the unique concept of precision which is rarely found in any other sport. Stroke mechanics play a vital role in this sport, thus making the sport one of a kind. While it is a slow paced game compared to the rest, it is mind boggling and challenging to say the least. After all, not everyone can strike the club with inhuman accuracy like Tiger Woods does, right?

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