Grand Theft Auto Online

Tips & Tricks

One of the most successful games of 2013 was the 5th edition of the game, Grand Theft Auto, developed and published by Rockstar Games. You can easily download spiels from the internet and play them. Grand Theft Auto Online was realased 14 days after the actual game and is multiplayer mode game which can be played with gamers worldwide. In this article we are going to list the most useful tips and tricks to help you kickstart your GTA online journey and make it enjoyable for you.



So you’re tried of travelling long distances in the game to reach your destination.You can now fast travel very easily! To do this, first go to your map. Then choose a race which is the closest to your destination and play it. Then when the race starts’ just quit it and you will find yourself very close to your destination


You can make money very easily in GTA online, all you have to do is take a stolen car and sell it off at the nearest Los Santos Customs. You can sell one car every 45 minutes and be careful not to steal a very expensive car, they will be rejected.



Although GTA online is a multiplayer game, it doesn’t mean you can not play solo in it . You can choose the solo session from the single player pause menu, then you can easily enjoy missions and races with no one to disturb you.


Having problems in-game looking at the map? Now you can expand the mini map at the corner of your screen by simply clicking two times down on the D-pad. Now you can scan the map easily without straining your eyes and keep a lookout for who is following you.

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