Guide to Free Pokecoins

Pokemon Go has taken over the mobile gaming industry by storm. As its availability slowly spreads all around the world, the game has easily become the most downloaded app be it in Android or iOS. Since the game is relatively young, tips and strategies about the game come in very handy since no one can still be considered as an expert to the game except for its developers. When a player reaches a decent level in the game then that is when the problems arise such as having lack of Pokecoins or lack of PokeBalls. In this article, we are going to discuss a simple guide towards having free Pokecoins.001_hqdefault Free Pokecoins Strategies

  1. Take Over a Gym

When your team owns a gym then you can get to enjoy a steady stream of Pokecoins daily. This should be your goal as a fan and a part of a team in order to enjoy lots of free Pokecoins. You just have to make sure that your team is able to beat the defending trainers of the gym that you are trying to attack. Check the gym’s prestige level so that you will have an idea of the number of defenders that you are going to fight along with their strength in terms of level.001_maxresdefault

  1. Defend the Gym

If you already own the gym then it would be automatic for other players and teams to take it over for themselves. This is why you have to leave a Pokemon stationed at the gym in order to defend from attackers once you are done taking over a particular gym. You are able to gain free Pokecoins out of the defender bonus whenever you have successfully defended the gym. If you have taken over a lot of gyms then it would also translate to more Pokecoins out of the defender bonus which can be a good source of Pokecoins.


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