Gymnastic Bars For Sale

A gymnastics bar is an apparatus that is used by gymnasts and athletes to train, practice, and to compete with other athletes in a wide range of events. The gymnastics bar is sometimes just referred to as “bars”. The bars are made up of a variety of materials and manufacturers keep in mind the norms set by the International Gymnastics Federation. The bars must be consistent with the approved specifications and the manufacturers must follow it diligently. Different athletes use different kinds of bars. The three main types of gymnastics bars are:

  • Uneven bars
  • Horizontal bars
  • Parallel bars

Uneven bars:


Sometimes called asymmetric bar is a gymnastics bar used only by the female gymnasts. The bar is made of a steel frame. The bar itself is composed of fiberglass and a coating of wood.

Gymnasts often use the same bar so that it is easier to practice skills and is safe. Most gymnasiums have a set of uneven bars over a foam pit where amateurs can practice and hone their skills without getting hurt.

Here are some of the common routines performed on an international level:

  • Flight characteristic from low to high bar
  • Element of flight on the same bar
  • Usage of different grips
  • Dismounting from the bar


Horizontal bars:

Also called the ‘high bar’ is the gymnastics bar used only by the male gymnasts to compete in gymnastics competitions. It is a cylindrical steel rod held parallel and above the ground by vertical supports. Nowadays the steel rod is being replaced by the fiberglass ones similar to the material used in women’s uneven bars and men’s parallel bars due to its strength and durability.

The horizontal bar event is considered to be the best competition as it involves the display of exquisite skill and sheer muscle power. It is a delight to watch male gymnasts perform various routines on the bar. Some of the routines include:

  • Giants using different grips
  • Turns, release and grasp skills
  • Dismount

Parallel Bars:

These bars are the apparatus used by gymnasts in the branch of artistic gymnastics. It consists of two parallel bars held above the ground at a specified height with the help of a metal framework. The bars are made up of wood or a coating of wood. The distance between the ground and the bars can be adjusted as per the wish of the gymnast to suit his needs.

Some routines performed on the international level:

Judges look for certain skills of the gymnast and the various routines involve elements of swinging from support positions, hanging position and support from the upper arm.

These are some of the common element groups:

  • Support
  • Starting with upper arm position
  • Long swings while hanging
  • Dismounts


There are many different kinds of bars available on the internet for those who are looking to build their own gymnasiums. These products are completely safe-to-use for beginners to practice their skills on and you can look for other advanced options once you become skilled in the sport.

Here’s a range of gymnastics bars for sale by Tumbl Trak, a leading brand in the game:

  1. Kip bar – A great bar for budding gymnasts who are just looking to start their gymnastics career. It features 1 and a half diameter of solid maple offering increased stability. It has two additional cross supports, skills like kips and back hip circles can be performed with ease. It has rounded corners, which ensures better safety. It starts from 480$
  2. 5-in-1 bar system – Here you can set up your bar in five different ways so that you can practice the way you want to. It starts from 900$
  3. Parallet bars – this bar helps you in all kinds of training. You can learn to increase your balance and strength using these to better perform skills like handstands and pirouettes.

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