How To Get The Best ROI With Instagram Advertising?


We all join Instagram for our own gains. However, as a brand, your main objective should always be establish meaningful presence which in turn can best serve both your business and your customer needs. You are not there for fun but so as you can market your brand the best way possible, increase revenue and add value to your business. Social media plays an important role in today’s business and that is why you want to try as much as possible to be present in every channel as opposed to just existing in space.

Instagram just like any other social platform has presented us with great opportunities of increasing a business’ advertising ROI. In this piece we are going to look at exactly how the platform can help get the best ROI from your ads.


  1. Ad formats should be optimized for maximum engagement

Instagram is well known for its ability of engaging the users. When compared to both Twitter and Facebook, Instagram provides a high engagement level than either of the two aforementioned platform. In light of this, you also need to optimize your ad formats if you are looking for maximum engagement. Your main objective for advertising on Instagram is to try and increase your sales without necessarily having to buy Instagram followers in the process.

To help with this, the platform recently introduced solutions such as the clickable ad unit. The ad format basically helps brands share live links as they post their multiple photos and product. As a user, you simply view the images simply by swiping left on the mobile app. we can also create ad using some specific words like who unfollowed me instagram and get maximum optimization 

  1. Redirect potential customers to a point of purchase immediately

Instagram has made it possible for advertisers to link out from individual post meaning that they can now send other instagrammers almost immediately to a point where they can make product purchases. Today, a user can simply click on an ad post on Instagram and make a purchase right away. It is no wonder some brands are now converting Instagram into a shoppable post experience.

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  1. Get connected and turn potential customers into sales

No one can really doubt the potential of Instagram when it comes to generating engagement. If you use it well, you can get opinions and thoughts about your products from your followers which is always a good thing even though at times it might be hard to swallow. This will help you get a clear picture of what your customers want hence you can be in a better position of meeting their demands and needs.

  1. Make the most of social influencers

For any brand marketing strategy, social influencers play such a vital role. You can make the most out of them to help you cultivate your business success. With social influencers, they always know the right people, places and outlets which can always help to get your brand noticed.  Pair your Instagram advertising with a social influencer marketing strategy and you’ll be able to increase your returns on investment.

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