Kratom And Its Uses

A member of the coffee family is Mitragyna Speciosa or Ketum. This is a kind of an evergreen and sometimes a deciduous tree in the tropical lands. This tree parts have been used for its medicinal qualities since a long time.  The main part of the tree which is used is the leafy part or the leaves. The leaves contain many properties of medicinal quality which is used to reduce or cure various kinds of pain and to prevent alcoholism or used on people who depends on alcohol.

The Ketum tree produces the pain decreasing property within its leaves. This property is so strong that it I often compared to Morphine. The Ketum which is more commercially called as Kratom reduces pain very fast and can handle pains which are chronic in their pattern or nature. The Kratom medicine if taken cannot be identified in the basic tests but can only be found in the person’s body hen specialized tests are done. This medicine has various strong side effects like insomnia, fatigue, palpitation, seizure and discomfort in chest.

The structure of the Kratom tree

The tree was first discovered by the Dutch during the colonial times. The usual length of the tree is of 12 to 30 feet tall and almost 15 feet wide. As mentioned earlier, the tree can be evergreen or deciduous but that depends on the climatic conditions this tree is growing in. the leaves which are the most important part of the tree for commercial purposes or medicinal uses is usually 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide and curl up at the sides.  The flowers grow in a cluster or a group and are yellow in colour such that the tree can be identified from far. The branches are strong and the smaller branches or the branch lets that grow form the branches are sharp and pointed at their tips. By the pattern which is being described in this paragraph you can assume that the stem or the trunk grows straight and strong.


The components of the Kratom leaves

The leaves contain a lot of chemical compounds that create the pain reducing element within the leaves. The contents of the leaves of a Kratom tree is various kinds of alkaloids like mitragynine, mitraphylline and many others of the same group and similar composition. The other main element is ‘Rauvolfia Serpentina’ or raubasine. The amount of these alkaloids especially the mitragynine depends on the place the tree is growing such as this tree grows the best in the Southeast Asia. The compositions of the chemicals present are very complex in nature. The mitragynine which is one of the most common elements in the leaves of the Ketum tree contains phenolic methyl ether. The use of this kind of a complex element on the humans could also have some drastic results which are not yet completely studies by the scientists. The elements like ‘corynantheidine’ or better known as the ‘Pausinystalia johimbe’ alkaloids form the compound that help reduce the chronic pain as mentioned earlier to be the medicinal use of this tree.

The use of the Kratom tree

One of the basic uses of this tree’s leaves is to derive opium or better called withdrawing of opium. The use of this tree on humans as told earlier has not been properly studies. Doing the basic tests you couldn’t find the traces of the chemicals that are present in Kratom. The traces of these chemicals are found in the human bodies when special tests to identify alkaloids are done on a human.


Yet reports say that people who have been treating themselves for their pain are discovered to have such chemicals in them, that is when a person treats himself or herself to reduce his or her chronic pains with chemical tablets without proper prescriptions or they take improper or higher dosage, then he or she detects to have the above mentioned chemicals in his or her system. Kratom is not yet studies scientifically that well but the medicinal use and result of such use compare itself to the results provided by the Morphine which is a very strong pain killer because Kratom works as opiates. This tree parts are also used to resist the premature ejaculation during a sexual intercourse.

The way Kratom is consumed by people and its effects of them

The tree grows best in the Southeast Asia and grows freely in Thailand. Kratom leaves or branches can be chewed raw. These parts are chewed by the workers of the mines in the Southeast Asia to resist pain while they are working in the extreme conditions to decrease their exhaustion during their work. This tree I not considered as a chemical drug therefore but taken in a more natural and traditional way. Also because not many experiments are done, medicines have not been developed well from this tree. The side effects of consuming this tree parts especially the leaves raw could result in the loss of appetite, loss of weight and cause improper bowel discharges. This traditional drug should therefore be not consumed in a large quantity.


How can you buy Kratom?

The product of this tree could be bought in Asia very well and soon. The product like the leaves and the powder made from the leaves can be bought even in India. The products like the powder or the raw leaves can be bought online. There are various types of powder that is made from the Kratom leaves like the ‘white vein’ or the regular powdered leaves. The cost of the product depends on the kind of powder you are buying but he usual cost on an average is $8.45 which amounts to five hundred plus bucks in Indian currency. One should always buy Kratom from reliable sources and there you could also find a certain amount of discount up to 10% on the principal price. There are various online vendors which lead in the sale of this powder but it should be consumed with proper knowledge and according to your requirements.

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