Kratom – Uses And Negative Effects

Kratom is the general name for Mitragyna speciosa. It basically belongs to the coffee family and is mostly found in Southeast Asian regions. In Thailand, it is used as a traditional medicine. The leaves of this plant are used to cure the pain and anxiety related issues.

The kratom plant differs in its size from 3.7 to 9.1 m in height. The leaves are dark green in colour and elliptic at the bottom and pointed at the tip. The flowers are yellow in colour and round in shape. They generally grow in clusters. The leaves are shed and replaced by the new ones constantly.


Kratom has a long list of its derivatives that have been used for opium withdrawal management. The intake of kratom is highly observed in people suffering from chronic pain. Most of the other characteristics and effects of kratom has not been well studied till now.

Traditionally, the leaves of this plant was chewed in its raw form. To enhance the mood for work, to remove exhaustion or to lesser the pain caused by work load, kratom was used by the workers in high amount. The plant has never been considered a drug although it has been used for a number of purposes.

As there are two aspects of everything, the positive and the negative aspect. So, considering the negative effects of kratom now, it leads to loss of appetite, constipation, skin colour darkening. The users those who have been using this since a long time period have also reported running nose, irritation and diarrhea as the negative effects of consuming kratom.


Kratom is available online as well as offline in various shops. To buy kratom, one should only head towards such shops that are entrusted enough so that the negative effects can be avoided to a large extent. If buying online, one should only buy it through trusted sites.

If used occasionally, the effect of kratom is negligible but if consumed daily in a huge amount, the effects gets maximized.  Therefore, one should not get into a habit of using it every day. It should be consumed in a safe way so that other risks can also be avoided.

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