Managing The Experiences Of Customers Efficiently!!

Customer service is an aspect that is much talked about in the business market of today!! The entrepreneurs and the business owners of today are always on a hunt to look out for various strategies and tactics to enhance their customer base and also strengthen it further for the long run. We bring to you a brief account of information on the next generation contact center that bring the solution for all the complexities related to the varied experiences of the customers.

There are a lot of domains which the business owners need to check upon before initiating with their business strategies. Avaya Aura contact center brings to you all the aspects in association with the customer’s experience by provisioning the elements of the workforce optimization, multimedia routing and the outbound self service.


Highlights of Avaya Aura contact center solution

Now, let us bring to you some of the highlights of the phenomenal Avaya Aura contact center that have been summarized as below: –

  • The software that is brought into usage is SIP based and specifically designed multimedia routing software.
  • It brings about a connection with the customers in the most organized way and also their information to the experienced right agent or an expert that has updated knowledge regarding the same via the elements of voice, SMS, web chat, video, email, IIM and many others.
  • Underlying the aspect of communications infrastructure that is brought about by the platform of Avaya Aura or the Avaya Aura Communication Server 1000.
  • There is a provision of specific rich set of interfaces, with the inclusion of open interfaces of the specialized web services in order to bring about the enabling of the development of sophisticated and well organized contact center solutions.
  • Open web services bring about the provision to integrate the Avaya contact center with the proficient databases and also the applications of the business to offer the agents with real time and also the historical related information to bring about the enhancement of the efficiency of the on-going interactions.

Associated products on the Avaya Dev connect


  • Meridian link services
  • Avaya specified contact center select
  • Avaya Aura skilled and experienced Orchestration Designer

Supplementary resources provisioned by Avaya Aura contact center specified solutions

Now, let us have a look at the additional resources of Avaya Contact center solution

  • Avaya Aura contact center on the platform of avaya.com
  • Avaya Aura contact center on the platform of Avaya Support

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