Moblie Quid – A Good Option For Payday Loans By Text Message

It’s that time of the month again when you are in dire need of money. Few days of the month are left and you have dwindling savings. All your money from the salary are used up. It is then you look for a friend, colleague or family members giving you a small loan so that you can get by these days. Now, think of organizations providing you alternatives for these small loans- that too via sms. You might be wondering it to be a fraud, after all these things require time. No they are not- they are absolutely legitimate. Such provisions are flooding the UK market. There are various portals offering laina tekstiviestillä. is one of them.


About the website

It is a website dedicated to payday loans by text message service in UK. The website is at your service for 24 hours all through the week. It offers 100-500£ loans. The procedure is hassle free and quick. You just have to open an account on their website by registering with your name, mobile number and email address. Providing a valid mobile number is very essential as all further transactions will be mediated by this. Then you will have to apply for the loan. There after you will get a PIN via text message on your registered mobile number.

After that you will get the loan sanctioned to your bank account – earliest within the same day. The website is in a lending portal. It is a platform to connect the lenders and borrowers. Before getting the sanctioned money make sure all follow up procedures with the lending personnel like e-signatures, any other information asked by the lender and The PIN given to you. Payback within the stipulated time is essential as defaulters might be penalized.


The pivotal part of this website is their way of dealings. Not only it is free of charge but also safe and secure. It deals with licensed lenders and never takes advantage of people in financial distress. They will guide you according to your convenience, much like match-making. Their motto is “responsible lending”.

Over all, it provides a good option for payday loans by text message.

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