Moviestarplanet: A Cool And Interactive Game For Kids

We all love playing games at our leisure times. With advancement in technology, there are so many games which can be played indoor by means of video games, laptops or PCs, Smartphone and more. As an adult, we play and enjoy various games like shooting, racing, performing different tasks and more. With all these, have we ever thought of games for small children’s of age from 8 to 15? There is no logic when we all are using extensive technology, they should be debarred from it.

Also, we need to think of a game which is developed keeping in mind the need of the children’s of the age mentioned above. If there is a game which although they play over their smartphone or PCs/laptop, but still they are in constant touch with their friends, and the concept of the game is also that the children’s simply love it, will not be wonderful? If you are really looking for such a game then you are absolutely at the right moment, as we are now going to give you info on one of such game.



It is an online gaming company which focuses on developing social interactive games and apps. The popular games released by them till now are:

For children’s of age group 8 to 15, the game is simply a boon. It is interactive, fun and simply lovable.

Features of the game

There are many cool features which the game has. Some of the basic features are outlined below:

  • You could make new friends and could chat with them in chat rooms
  • You could be creative by decorating your own room in the game
  • You could also have the experience of taking care of your pet
  • You could develop different looks of yours, art books and movies in the game
  • You could even design your own clothes, in the game of course

Apart from all the features mentioned above, the most important part is that the Social networking feature of the game. Let’s discuss more on it.

Other features of the game

MovieStarPlanet has numerous social network characters – it’s like a part game and part dreamland. The user can make new companions and connect with different players in the chat rooms. The company (or developer) urges parents and/or guardians to talk with kids about how to stay safe online and the significance of not uncovering individual data. Users can’t get to the individual data of different players (for example, age, email, gender, real name). Players can just see different usernames. It is in this way, critical to recall that a player’s username ought not to be, nor contain noteworthy components of the client’s genuine name.

The game is undoubtedly safe, creative and social online play area for youngsters or kids. The characters acquire Fame and StarCoins (the currency of the game) when different users watch their films. StarCoins can be utilized to purchase outfits, activities, sceneries for motion pictures, and a great deal more. By playing and communicating with companions and by taking an interest in innovative rivalries, players climb in the MovieStarPlanet world. Life is never exhausting on MovieStarPlanet – it’s about playing, being social, and creating and demonstrating your innovative aptitudes.

Safety on moviestarplanet

MovieStarPlanet never compromises with the safety of the user and the game. Kids love the game, which is the reason they are focused on keeping this virtual world a protected and secure spot to be for all users. To do this, they screen the use of the site physically and additionally via automated frameworks. The frameworks filter through words that have been blocked, making them difficult to type. The moderators – genuine individuals – physically survey all reports documented by users and quest the site for hostile dialect.

The company is committed to being a protected spot for kids to learn and appreciate the Internet, be inventive and meet new individuals. In any case, generally as in this present reality, individuals don’t generally carry on as we might want. That is the reason we have made it simple for the kids to make an instant report on different users with only a couple clicks of the mouse.

There is a reasonable arrangement of rules that all users must watch and follow. These incorporate keeping passwords secure and failing to give away individual data. A number of these principles apply to the Internet, as a rule, not simply to MovieStarPlanet. Clients who over and over break the principles of MovieStarPlanet will be bolted out of the game for different time allotments relying upon the seriousness of the encroachment. On the other hand, MovieStarPlanet can erase user profiles or block PC/laptop IP address.

Availability and charges

The game is available at PlayStore for android users and App Store for apple users. The best part is that the game is absolutely free of cost. So, waste no time to install and enjoy the wonderful game.


Parental/Guardian Participation

As the game focuses on kids, it is important for parents to monitor the activities of their kids. The company urges and encourages parents for their active participation along with their kids so that this wonderful platform always remains wonderful.

Final thoughts

MovieStarPlanet is truly a wonderful game for the kids. As you read above, the game takes care of all important aspects related to the game. They ensure that the game is enjoyed by the children’s and also they learn to make social networks. At the same time, they also strive for the safety of the users and ensure the privacy of key data such as age, gender and more.

Apart from all this, when it comes to playing the game, there is no limit or end to the game. You could try so many creative things at any point of time and so that you never get jaded. As you progress through the game, the challenge and features also get enhanced so that you never feel, it’s enough now.

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