Neko Atsume is a Japanese developed game that plays on Ois and Android phones. By the help of neko atsume cheats we can easily play the game. It originally came in Japanese native language but is now available in English.The aim of the game is to attract different kinds of cats from the streets to your yard where you have placed toys, cat food and furniture that the cats plays with and leave behind gifts for you.

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The gifts that the cats leave behind are either golden or silver fishes. You can collect the fishes left behind by the cats and use the to expand your yard or to buy toys, cat food or furniture that you place in your yard to attract more fish that in turn rewards you with more gifts when they leave your yard.


There are about forty nine cats in the game. There are normal cats that usually rewards you with silver fish on playing to their contention. There are several other cats that are considered rare. These cats are heavy spenders and they are not attracted to your yard by normal toys. They however,rewards you with golden fishes that can be used to buy more expensive gifts and foods to attract more of their kind to your yard.


Gold fishes are a nice treat but they don’t come by easily. They are used for yard extension and to buy toys and furniture that attract rare cats in you yard. Here are some tricks and cheats to help you get some extra gold fishes up your sleeve


Silver fishes are easy to come by and therefore will be plenty. Gold fishes will be few but their buying capability is higher than that of silver fishes. It is wise to use silver fishes to buy toys and cat food at first leaving the gold fishes to accumulate for yard extension later or for more prudent purchases.TRADE INS-You can exchange your silver fishes for gold fishes in the shop. Ten gold fishes goes for five hundred silver fishes. This will help you speed up your gold inflow and in return buy toys that attract rare cats as well as expand your yard for more cats to come visiting


Some toys, orange cube four,green cushion two, just to mention a few are toys that cost a few silver fishes but can give gold fishes in return. Experiment with different kinds of toys to see which ones give the best returns and use them more often to get the preferred gifts.



You can also check out and fill in the daily password on the news tab as this will occasionally give you a few extra gold fish to put you on the run.You can also use accumulated gold fishes to expand your yard first as this will give you more space to put your toys and food and thus attract more cats to your yard which in turn gives you more returns.Finally you can go to the shop and spend a few dollars to purchase some gold fishes if you deem it necessary.

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