Never Out Of Sight: Best Baby Video Monitor

Imagine craving for some quality time with your friends after you have brought a baby in this wonderful world  and stepped into a beautiful yet sleepless universe of  motherhood which is now solely for that little one. When you give birth, the baby is not just another human but it’s a part born out of your own blood and flesh. Leaving your baby to a caretaker or nanny is hurtful yet necessary for some.  It’s like detaching a part of your heart into someone’s palms. So why not make it less depressing and be assured just a bit more.


It’s a funny thing, when you have stepped into parenthood, you spend hours taking care of the baby and sometimes forgetting to take a shower yourself, you spend hours trying to get your baby to sleep by cradling them in any position possible long enough for you to have five minutes peace and then, as soon as you have put her/him down and crawl back in your bed to relax your eyes and slipping into sleep peacefully you hear a sharp sound of the baby crying murderously. That is why baby monitors are so popular.

There is an array of baby monitors available in the market which enables you to keep an eye and ear on your baby from another room but they basically fall into either audio only or audio and video.

The best baby video monitor keep parents plugged in and reassured, letting them hear – and watch – their baby from a distance.

According to best baby video monitor

The Happy moms have mentioned some of their favorite products.

  • MOTOROLA MBP36S remote wireless video baby monitor digital audio monitor

This product is very popular among the mothers as it enable them to keep their eyes visually all the time on their baby and also they love when the lights turn on when the baby is crying and also its microphone feature is very useful.
The battery life is quite decent.

  • Vtech safe and sound digital audio monitor

This is a great monitor if you want only audio. It picks up a lot of sound in your baby’s room. You can easily hear your baby moving and making noise.

  • PHILIPS Avent DECT baby monitor SCD510/00

One of the happy mother said “I love the night light and the option to talk back to my baby.”

This product is known for its high image quality and long battery life.


  • Nest cam

This one allows you to monitor your baby from almost anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. This one is blessed with long battery life and a great audio and visual quality.

  • MOTOROLA MBP854CONNECT  baby monitor

This one lets you have a clear view video of baby even when the room is dark, accompanying with a great battery life and long cord that provides a great range.

These reviews are from moms and dads sharing their hand on experience. You can choose according to your requirements and pockets the best one for you and your little baby.

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